India taunts over May 9 Mutiny and the Role of Judiciary

SocietyIndia taunts over May 9 Mutiny and the Role of Judiciary

Islamabad, Pakistan: “Pakistan’s history is replete with many incidents where India infiltrated the ranks and attempted to target Pakistan and its state institutions aimed at weakening Pakistan and its associated national security institutions. What India could not do in 75 years was done by PTI on May 9, 2023, in the lust of power”.

These observations did not come from any anti-PTI mind rather this is what Indian media taunts the political cadre, judiciary, and media of Pakistan stating that nobody dared to punish PTI for whatever it has been doing with the country because it has charged mob at virtual domain where it can lynch anybody of its own choice.

In any civilized society, without the rule of law, society becomes a victim of lawlessness – taking the law into one’s hands is not allowed in any developed country in the world. Punishment of the accused and the implementation of the law against criminals in the world is a clear example of this.  The relatability of Crime and Punishment is considered one of the basic ingredients for achieving a peaceful society. In Pakistan, it is otherwise. The anti-national elements made a lot of noise through baseless news and propaganda to give relief to the miscreants and facilitators of May 9, but the top leadership of the army repeatedly clarified in the strictest terms that those who attacked martyrs’ memorials, Jinnah House, and military installations will be brought to justice under the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets—both are components of the Constitution of Pakistan. However, till now the majority of culprits are scot-free rather than sitting in the parliament due to support they are receiving from the judiciary and the media persons as both are providing a shield of ‘human rights’ to protect culprits. On the other hand, military leadership is confident that such efforts are completely futile as the indisputable proofs and evidence collected in abundance cannot be refuted in any way.

May 9 Black Day Pakistani youth, the vandalism and the Policy of Pardon
How can PTI demand a level playing field after conducting a May 9 mutiny? Several questions are still unanswered about what is going on in the country

By showing a responsible response to the events of May 9, the current army leadership not only thwarted the plot of clash between the people and the army but also the facilitators, planners political rebels, and almost everybody involved in the May 9 Mutiny was identified through CCTV cameras and were arrested according to law and their cases were referred to military courts established according to the constitution. Thus, the list of pending cases in the Supreme Court is very long but waiting for decisions. The case is of utmost importance. If the miscreants of May 9 are not brought to justice, then the credibility of the judiciary will also be questioned.

If the truth is to be seen, the delay in the cases by the judiciary in the heartbreaking incident of May 9 and then the unjustified stay order on the military courts has given more embolden to the miscreants, a clear example of which we got to see during the protests in Azad Kashmir where the policemen were martyred, their uniforms were taken off and hung, similarly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it was seen that now people enter and vandalize electricity grid stations without any fear because all these miscreants have come to know that ‘No one can catch them’, even if they catch them, the courts are there to give them relief, if this series continues, then where other state institutions are unsafe in the hands of these miscreants, tomorrow the judiciary may also be in danger.

It is also worth noting here that if we look at the details of the cases pending in the Supreme Court till June 30, 2024, 58 thousand 479 cases are awaiting decisions in the Supreme Court while 31 thousand 944 appeals against the decisions of the High Courts can be heard. According to the details, 479 cases were filed between 16 and 30 June, and 201 cases were disposed of. Despite significant legislative and judicial reforms, Pakistan’s current legal system has completely failed to provide prompt and equitable justice to crime victims – which is why cases have been pending for years and are waiting for justice. It is a proven fact that the lack of justice always encourages crimes and society then follows ‘mob justice’ This situation has already become a serious issue in Pakistan where mob lynching has become a norm because mobs like on May 9 know that there would be no punishment to those who were behind mob formation and who were mob itself. There is one point under discussion in Pakistan that the mob can rule the country and can do whatever it wishes because the state has already bowed down to the mob. If the Pakistan Army cannot take the mob to the task, then who can do it? If the mob can attack the military can be scot free then nobody is safe in the country. Should youth not leave this land of Jungle Raj?


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