Pakistani Celebrities Who Have Started Flood Relief Campaigns

SocialPakistani Celebrities Who Have Started Flood Relief Campaigns

Flood relief campaigns

Pakistan is going through a major setback because of the recent monsoon spell. This monsoon spell has made almost the whole country drenched in flood in the worst ways possible. The country is in a plight from northern Pakistan to Western areas of Pakistan, and from there to the coastal regions of Sindh. People are homeless, and human beings and cattle are dying because of the deadly water flow of floods. Amidst this wreak, Pakistani celebrities have come forward with their flood relief campaigns.

Celebrities And Their Flood Relief Campaigns

Everyone who can do so, even the smallest part, can contribute to the help of the stranded and homeless folks. They have been going through the toughest phase of their lives. The whole of Pakistan needs to be united for these people. So, Pakistani celebrities have held the beacons for the whole nation by starting Flood relief campaigns. Let’s see who is up for this noble cause.

Hadiqa Kiyani

Flood relief campaigns

Hadiqa Kiyani is at the front end of these flood relief campaigns. As soon as the situation worsen, she started her efforts tirelessly from the beginning. She started a campaign called Vaseela E Raah which is dispatching flood relief equipment for the people. She has actively participated for the people of Pakistan and dispatched a handsome amount of food, clothes, and basic necessities for the flood-stricken people.

Hadiqa Kiyani has taken to social media where she uploads videos and aware people of the havoc. She told about her fund in the following words, “Mission of my campaign Vaseela-e-Raah is to immediately provide camps to the flood victims who are shelter less at the moment … this journey will take some time but we as Nation will do this together InshAllah.”

Meera Ji


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Every celebrity has his/her own way of collecting funds for flood-stricken people. Meera Ji’s video of a dance performance went viral on the internet. She organized a show in NYC to raise funds for flood relief in Pakistan. Netizens have been praising her for showcasing her talent for a noble cause. People praised her for this kind gesture and for actively participating in the cause.

Faysal Qureshi

Flood relief campaigns

Faysal Qureshi, Faizan Sheikh, Asim Mehmood, and Naveed Raza started a campaign on Do Talwar Karachi. They started a fundraiser campaign with DJC FOundation’s owner Syed Zafar Abbas Jeffery. They gathered together at the spot for a few hours.

Within a few hours, the group collected a sufficient amount of food, money, and basic necessities for their flood relief campaign.

Waseem Badami

Waseem Badami arranged a show on ARY Pakistan. In that show, he invited JDC owner, Syed Zafar Abbas Jaffery and Fahad Mustafa in which they discussed the havoc. They urged people to come forward and help those people in numerous ways.

They raised awareness about the and insisted people and actors donate as much as they could.

Faysal Edhi

Son of the great, Edhi, Faysal Edhi has also not been left behind in this righteous cause. He is continuing the legacy of his father of helping the people of his nation. He has set up relief camps in the flooded areas. Edhi Foundation is donating huge sums of money and other necessities of life to the affected areas.

Other celebrities

Along with these famous people, there are many other celebrities, actors, and social media influencers who are participating with the help of wretched people. Yashma Gill, Bilal Ashraf, Khanum Blogs, Talha Chahour, Tausik Haider, Shahzad Roy, Bushra Ansari, Hina Altaf and more are some of the prominent figures among the helpers.

These are the beacon holders for the whole nation because people the steps of their favourite celebrities. Also, the flood relief campaigns by celebrities provide a platform for the people of Pakistan to take their part in this collective effort.

Also, we all need to keep praying to Allah to bring everything back to normal and keep the flood-stricken people in our hearty prayers.

Duaa Naeem
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