Six intelligence alerts, two Karachi specific, issued since November: Nisar

Six intelligence alerts, two Karachi specific, issued so far since November: Nisar

Karachi Security Situation

ISLAMABAD: The federal minister for interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told the National Assembly on Saturday that six intelligence alerts have been issued so far since November last year, adding that two alerts were Karachi specific and were shared with the Sindh government and the law enforcing agencies.

The speech of Ch. Nisar in National Assembly  indicates that government will go for further peace talks with Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) as he tried his best to exonerate Mehsud tribe from attack although Mehsuds took the responsibility of the attack.

Unaware of latest attack on Karachi Airport area on Tuesday, briefing the National Assembly on the attack on Karachi Airport, Interior minister said that the terrorists who attacked the terminal of old Karachi airport appear to be foreigners, adding that their objective was to target the aircraft and capture a particular place to make the people hostage.

Ch. Nisar gave amazing information to national Assembly and said  said that CCTV  showed heavily armed ten terrorists had long height and fair in colour and their features were different from people of Pakistan. These information he provided are contrary to information provided by eyewitnesses and media reports and hospital doctors who said terrorists were short height people. 

He believed that attack was not carried out on Karachi Airport but a terminal of the old airport which is about two kilometers away from the main airport.

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