Situation in Modi’s India poses bigger threat to global peace than Hitler and Nazi Germany: Faisal Javed

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Senator Faisal Javed Khan has said that the situation in Narendra Modi’s India poses a bigger threat to global peace than Hitler and Nazi Germany did because this time around, both Pakistan and India are nuclear armed.

In a statement on Thursday, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Faisal Javed that this is a test case for United Nations, the International Community as well as advocates of human rights whether they can live upto their promises.

“Pakistan stands united with Kashmir and will defend it till the last drop of ink and blood,” he said.

The Senator also lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan’s landmark address at the Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) Legislative Assembly, saying that not only he reasserted the firm resolve of the 220 million strong nation to safeguard its sovereignty and to remain the most vocal advocates of their Kashmiri brethren but also like a true statesman exposed the malicious agenda behind Narendra Modi and BJP’s Hindu Nationalist rhetoric.

Faisal Javed said that the world should be made aware of the true faces of BJP and RSS, their origins and horrifying record. He said that BJPs ultra-radical extremist ideology is shockingly identical to the fascist racist ideologies of Nazi Germany.

The PTI leader said that the alarming trend of maligning and alienating the minorities including Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, under state patronage, based on misguided grudges is going to push India into a fire that will burn its democratic and secular facades down to the ground.