Should You Hire a Real Estate Agent to Rent Out Your Place?

BlogsShould You Hire a Real Estate Agent to Rent Out Your Place?

Finding tenants for your property can be a hassle and a time-consuming process. If you live far from your property and it is not feasible to visit it frequently, it might be worth looking into hiring a property manager. They handle most of the tedious work and can make your life easier in a lot of instances.

Sometimes putting a ‘For Rent’ sign in front of your property can work out, but in this competitive market, it often pays to hire someone to overlook the logistics of the renting process. It also won’t help you much if you’re listing in an area that lacks any foot traffic, rendering your attempts futile.



Agents have a vast network of potential clients you can leverage if you’re finding it hard to get tenants using common marketing methods. It is in the interest of a real estate agent to find potential buyers and renters to fulfill their vacant properties. This process helps you as they will be easily able to find a tenant for your particular listing. For example, Graana.com has a team of highly skilled agents that can help you find houses for rent in DHA Homes-DHA Valley, Islamabad.


Accurately Value Your Listing

Real estate agents can accurately value your listings and help you get a fair price because they know the lay of the land. They can compare your properties with others in the area to get real-world prices of similarly priced properties. They can tell you how much of a surplus you can charge based on the amenities your property offers.

Time and Money


If you live physically far away from your property or you do not have the time to engage in the menial tasks that come with renting off a property, it is always better to hire a property manager. For example, if you are looking for houses for sale in DHA Homes-DHA Valley, Islamabad, you might want the expertise of an agent to save your time and money.

The property manager takes care of the listings and can always keep you posted on the updates, which will save you the trouble. So, it’s always a good investment to hire a real estate agent to manage your property.


Rental agreements have a lot of legal drafting issues that need to be sorted. For the unaware, they can be blindsided by these agreement issues. Legal matters can be dealt with by the vast experience of a real estate manager, and they can help you draft better agreements to protect you from your legal troubles.

Most real estate agents have a basic agreement saved in their drafts, saving you the money you spend on a lawyer to get a contract drafted.

Real estate agents are ideal for high-end listings

High-end property that requires high-end clientele to afford its steep prices is often best left to real estate agents to find tenants. Corporate clients or clientele that are suitable for top-notch listings are not always easy to find. It is always better to leave these clients to real estate agents to help you find an adequate match.

It’s ideal for multiple properties

If you have multiple units, managing them is a full-time job and even if you have the time, it’s best to let someone do it who does it as a profession. This will relieve your burden, leaving you free to focus on what’s important to you.

Agents get paid for filling the vacancy

You have an agreement with your agent that the first rent payment is theirs or a specific percentage of the value is paid to them or any similar arrangement. This arrangement only comes into effect when the agent finds a tenant. This is a price that might be worth paying, as it will allow you to stop worrying about finding a tenant.

Screen tenants thoroughly

Real estate agents have access to information that is not available to the general public. They can screen problematic tenants more thoroughly and weed them out. Credit scores and criminal records can be checked, giving you complete peace of mind about what kind of tenants are inhabiting your property.

According to your specific circumstances, you should decide whether hiring a real estate agent for a property is right for you or not. You should keep in mind the key factors mentioned above while making your decision. In most cases, it saves time and money. However, if you live near the property and have enough time and energy, then you can look into managing your property yourself.

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