Sharmeela Farooqui Wedding Pictures

Sharmeela Farooqui Wedding Pictures

As of late, Sharmila Farooqi at long last got married with Hasham Riaz Sheik, child of previous Director General, Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) and manager of Capital TV Ahmed Riaz Sheik.

Sharmila Farooqi had, on various events, brought her voice up in Sindh get together against extravagant weddings and had introduced the “One dish Bill” in gathering. Then again, it appears like she couldn’t consent to it herself.

Sharmila’s wedding unbelievingly continued for 15 days, which began on the 22nd of Feb and dragged till the eighth of March. There were distinctive subjects, garments and nourishment for every diverse day. The wedding cards were distributed in 7 separate hues for every one of the seven capacities.

She sat for her “Mayion” on the 22nd of February. A music day was situated on the 25th of February. “Nikkah” service was on 28th February. The “Mehndi” service was hung on the third of March. She went out (Rukhsati) on the fifth of March. Lastly a thousand Walima function was hung on eighth of March in Lahore.

From one viewpoint, the populace of our nation, particularly individuals of Thar in Sindh, are kicking the bucket of appetite, and our political pioneers are burning through millions just on their wedding functions. She had an opportunity to turn into a good example for other ladies and could have praised her wedding in a more straightforward manner. She went totally inverse to what we thought she remained for. By what means would she be able to ever remain in the gathering again and bring her voice up for effortlessness?