Sharing démarches with the public is dangerous for Pakistan, believes foreign affairs expert

Islamabad, Pakistan: Sharing démarches with the public and using it for gaining domestic gains is not only a diplomatic indecency but can be dangerous for Pakistan and PM Imran Khan is referring to a démarche and portraying it as a “letter”.


This was observed by Prague-based foreign affairs expert and author of a book Shazia Anwer Cheema in her article titled “Are we structurally handicapped?” published in Pakistan Today on Wednesday.

“The is not the prime minister Imran Khan only rather many from his cabinet are famous for accusing foreign countries and then withdrawing their statements and deleting their Twitter messages,” writes Shazia Cheema.

She further writes that there is a long list of examples where foreign affairs were used for domestic consumption. She added that the most dangerous part of taunting or criticizing a foreign country or its politicians or head of state is that it creates unpleasant feelings among the population of the targeted country that erodes all work done in the field of “Public Diplomacy”.

“Diplomatic cadre of Pakistan has to work hard at the sphere of diplomacy because Pakistan has been the target of negative propaganda of western media that always portrays Pakistan as a country, which is loosely associated with military tensions

and skirmishes along the border with India, assisting the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and Islamic extremism and our enemies paint us as a country that is structurally handicapped in its diplomatic relations with other states. I believe that blaming foreign countries for meddling with our domestic issues without providing proof would support Pakistan’s enemies that we are really structurally handicapped for having cordial diplomatic relations with other states,” commented Shazia Anwer Cheema.

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