Shameless Season 5 going to be aired this Sunday, Check out Shameless Season 5 trailer – Spoilers

Shameless Season 5
OMG Shameless is back! Yes i am talking about the super hit TV Season Shameless which has already given us 4 super hit seasons and now they are back in 2015 with Shameless Season 5.

Shameless Season 5 is all set to be aired on this Sunday 11th January 2015. Now lets tell you a bit about  what’s coming up in shameless season 5, which is set to premiere this Sunday.

“Fiona is kind of flirting with these two guys who are customers at a restaurant,” Rossum said. “Meanwhile, there’s a mysterious woman flirting with her who we don’t know yet is in cahoots with Jimmy/Steve. He’ll be back, so there’s a lot in store for her. There’s a lot of men and love interests, but I think it’s more about her trying to define herself through them, and eventually she’s going to have to take a look at herself instead of trying to find herself through them.”

Through Rossum, a fan of “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” we came to know that she couldn’t contain her excitement about having Dermot Mulroney, a star of that film,  as guest Starter shameless season 5.

Fiona (Rossum) further revealed that”I kept teasing Dermot when I met him by singing the theme song to the movie. Every time I’d walk in the room!”

Rossum also stated that: “He blushes! Did you know he’s a concert cellist too? He gets hired to play on movie scores all the time. He’s like a legit musician, so I don’t think he takes me too seriously. I think he’s so dreamy and an amazing actor.”

Spoiler a head!!

Watch the promo of Shameless Season 5: