Shaista Lodhi wedding pictures

KARACHI, Pakistan: Probably Shaista Lodhi would not have thought a couple of years ago that her life would witness a series of abrupt changes in years to come from getting divorce to again tying the knot with someone else and in between stuck into a controversy which ultimately forced her to leave the country fearing for her life.

The 43-year-old former TV Host and a mother of three children got separation for her first husband Waqar Wahid in 2012 after spending 13 years together.

In May last year, one episode of Shaista’s morning show “Utho Jago Pakistan” aired on Geo included some alleged blasphemous content which later not only caused the suspension of the show but also the host had to flee the country.

On June 30 this year, she again came in the limelight after she hinted in one of her tweets that she had got married again. Though Shaista neither revealed the name of her new husband nor shared any information about her second marriage.

However later on her official website, she not shared her second marriage pictures but also wrote a lot of problems she went through after entering the controversy regarding the blasphemous content.

Shaista Lodhi wrote that she returned to Pakistan in June 2015 and tied the knot with one of her relatives Adnand Lodhi on June 30.

“So yes, I got married on the 30th of June to Adnan Lodhi who belongs to my family and won the hearts of my parents and elders’ that turned into a proposal for me,” Shaista wrote.

Shaista further told that her second husband is the first Pakistani auctioneer of Arts in South Africa.