Shahzeb’s father seeks Shahrukh age’s re-assessment

Shahzeb’s father seeks Shahrukh age’s re-assessment

KARACHI: The deceased Shahzeb Khan’s father said on Tuesday that he wondered as to how Shahrukh Jatoi can have an identity card if he is an underage boy, Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported on Wednesday.

A demand will be made to the court that a new medical board should be constituted to ascertain the age of Shahrukh Jatoi, the main accused in Shahzeb murder case, Shahzeb’s father DSP Aurangzeb told media before appearing to the special anti-terrorism court (ATC) hearing a case regarding his son’s assassination.

“Seeing that Shahrukh is an underage boy, how does he have an identity card?” he said. “I am being extremely pressured for reconciliation to spare Shahrukh Jatoi; however, I will not flinch an inch back from the acquisition of justice,” Shahzeb Khan’s father asserted.

Later on, the investigation officer requested the court for more time to present the challan.