Shahbaz Sharif Used To Pepper Govt Officials With WhatsApp Messages in the Dead of Night – ShahbazSpeed

Known as a tough taskmaster, not just nationally but internationally, Shahbaz Sharif is to Nawaz Sharif what Bobby Kennedy was to John F. Kennedy, i.e., his right hand. After the Panama verdict, Shahbaz Sharif took charge of PMLN as its president and quite possibly, he will be PML-N’s candidate for the premiership of the next government.

Shahbaz Sharif’s governance style in Punjab needs no validation. His style of administration has received appreciation from all quarters. Calling him “Whatsapp enforcer”, Reuters writes: “His hands-on style as chief minister of Punjab – peppering officials with WhatsApp messages in the dead of night – has won him admirers in the provincial capital Lahore, a Mughul-era city spruced up with slick highways and manicured boulevards.”

So much has been written about his excellent performance as a pragmatic leader, shrewd politician and most importantly, as the man who delivers, being the CM of Punjab, that we rarely hear about his “softer side”, as a family man. Shahbaz is known to be close to his mother and describes her as his great source of guidance. An affectionate father and grandfather, he makes sure he gives time to his family despite his busy schedule. In Geo Tv’s Aik Din Geo K Sath, his daughter-in-law praises him and says that Shahbaz Sharif treats her very kindly. In the same show, his daughter, Ayesha, describes him as a very supportive and encouraging father. She also joked about how he used to make surprise checks regarding her studies.

The man known as “Shahbaz Speed” by the outside world is deemed no different managing his kitchen too. Recently, upon completion of his third term as the Chief Minister of Punjab, his wife, TehminaDurrani, tweeted, “2 days left for my husband SS to step down from Khadim eh Ala, after 10 Yrs of a rule in Punjab. ThankGod it’s over! Most exasperating time! I’m doing a countdown. SS drove everyone, even at home quite mad .cld not keep up with his speed even in the kitchen!”

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It is quite heartening to see how much of a hard worker Shahbaz Sharif is. His wife, TehminaDurrani, is known to be quite an outspoken lady who is not afraid to critique the PMLN government. Her tweets show that even until the last minute of May 30th, the last day of the PMLN government, Shahbaz Sharif was busy completing his responsibilities as the CM of Punjab.

She then tweeted a picture of herself with her husband in a relaxed mood.

These little insights into Shahbaz Sharif’s personal life show just how much of himself has he given to this country and although, a lot if it goes unappreciated and unacknowledged, Shahbaz Speed’s work speaks for itself. The next election will see Shahbaz Sharif taking on new roles and challenges and those who know him know that he will take them head-on.


By Sana Ali