Shahbaz Gill embarrasses Moeed Pirzada in his speech at University of South Florida

MediaShahbaz Gill embarrasses Moeed Pirzada in his speech at University of South...

Monitoring Desk: PTI leader and spokesperson of former prime minister Dr. Shahbaz Gill embarrassed Dr. Moeed Pirzada in his speech at the University of South Florida discussion session.

Dr. Shahbaz Gill while opening his speech at a discussion held under “Overseas Pakistani’s Examining Current Status of Human Rights, Civil Society and Democracy in Pakistan”, Gill stated that some people telephoned him and criticized a recent vlog of Dr. Moeed Pirzada about Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Dr Moeed Pirzada while sitting at the seat instantly interrupted Dr Shahbaz Gill and asked what people told him about his vlog on Allama Iqbal.


Dr. Shahbaz Gill while ignoring question from Pirzada continued his speech and stated that he had several times told Moeed Pirzada that portrayed him as a face of the Pakistan Army and right-wing thoughts that it was his success because pro-military and pro-right-wingers were his promoted his viewership by the design of what the face Moeed Pirzzada opted as an anchorperson. However, Dr. Gill did not explain his point further and went on to other points. Such a situation exposed that PTI is not only divided in Pakistan rather cracks are appearing in the PTI team living in the United States for lobbying for former prime Minister Imran Khan.

Shahbaz Gill embarrasses Moeed Pirzada in his speech at University of South Florida
Shahbaz Gill embarrasses Moeed Pirzada in his speech at University of South Florida

It may be mentioned that Dr Moeed Pirzada in his recent vlog portrayed former prime minister Imran Khan as “Insan-i-Kamil or Mard-i-Momin (Perfect Man)” of Allama Iqbal. This horrific comparative by-wording of Imran Khan with Perfect Man of Iqbal triggered negative responses even within from viewers of Dr. Moeed Pirzada because Khan had been living a colorful life and was tagged as a playboy before he was picked by Pakistan Army for Project Imran that invested for changing Imran’s persona from a playboy to an architect of Riasat e Madina. However, a sex audio leak of Imran Khan with a political lady from Kalabagh district damaged the persona Imran Khan had been given and his real personality was exposed again. Therefore, comparing Imran Khan with Insan-i-Kamil or Mard-i-Momin (Perfect Man) of Allama Iqbal was quite painful even for some PTI followers who understand what is the concept of Insan-i-Kamil or Mard-i-Momin (Perfect Man)?

The vision of the Perfect Man that Iqbal presents is unique and fascinating. But he is not the first to propound this conception. Many thinkers before him had endeavoured to develop the idea of the ideal man.

Iqbal’s Perfect Man is a Momin whose greatest qualities are power, vision, action, and wisdom. These qualities are perfectly noticeable in the character of the Holy Prophet, who was also the complete embodiment of the finest attributes. It is by emulating the character of the founder of the Faith, that a Momin becomes a master of his destiny and reaches a stage of perfection. Iqbal has expressed this idea in Bal-i-Jibril by saying that the Momin is powerful and is a conqueror of difficulties. He is the goal of reason; the sole harvest of love and all activities in the universe can be attributed to him. In another place, he says that an infidel can be recognized by the fact that he is seeking absorption in the universe, while the Momin is one who is himself the depository of the whole universe.

Iqbal points out the following characteristics of his Perfect Man (Mard- i-Momin): The ‘Perfect Man’ is the divine vicegerent of God on earth. He represents the last stage of human development on our planet. The goal of humanity is to be realized in his personality. He is a complete ego, both in mind and body. He will possess the highest power blended with the highest knowledge. All the painful trials of evolution are justified as he is bound to come. He is the real ruler of mankind. Out of the richness of his nature, he lavishes the wealth of life on others and brings them nearer to Himself. The more we are advanced in the scale of evolution the nearer we are to him. For the present, he is a mere ideal to us, but the evolution of humanity, both in mind and body, is tending towards his emergence.

Can a sane person call Imran Khan a “Mard-i-Momin” (Perfect Man) of Allama Iqbal? Only Dr. Moeed Pirzada has a blur vision that can narrate Imran Khan as a Perfect Man of Iqbal.

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