Senior journalist beaten by Police in Kyiv

Monitoring Desk: A journalist who wished to see his child in accordance with the Court’s orders was beaten by police in Kyiv.


He was beaten, handcuffed, and brought to a police station when he demanded Police to intervene for providing his legal right under court orders to meet his child who lives with his former wife.

According to Ukrainian News Agency, News editor-in-chief at the Delo.UA publication, Denys Yalukhin, said that he has been beaten by police officers in Kyiv.

According to a report of Dasha Zubkova, he said that the conflict had nothing to do with his journalist activity and was related to a dispute with his former wife as for the opportunity to see his child.

The court had acknowledged the journalist’s right to see his child, but his former wife, says Yalukhin, continues to prevent such meetings.

Exactly that also happened in the first half of May 2.

“I called the police, as the court’s ruling was not being fulfilled,” the journalist said.

He noted that he had earlier called the police several times, and they usually came but did not interfere.

But this time, the journalist said the police officers were very aggressive, beat him, handcuffed, and brought to a police department.

The reason was alleged refusal to obey police officers’ orders, however, Yalukhin denies that.

He said that before the incident, he was standing outside of the ex-wife’s apartment and was simply calling his daughter through the open door.

The aggression of the police officers escalated considerably as soon as they got to know he is a journalist. The journalist says that at the police department, the policemen refused to let him call his lawyer. The journalist was set free three hours after the detention.

He said doctors detected concussion and he still finds it difficult to read and write. He said he intends to achieve bringing of the police officers to justice.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) considers that mass media’s major enemies in 2020 were aggression against the journalist, systemic impunity for crimes against representatives of mass media.

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