Senior Indian Army Officer dubs India as most lily-livered nation on earth

  • Pakistani tanks entered New Delhi in 1965, solders offered prayers
  • India had no courage to use air force against China in 1962

By Hamid Khan Wazir


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Senior Indian Army Officer Major General (retd) Gagan Deep Bakhshi dubbed India as the most coward and lily-livered nation on the surface of the earth, which had no courage to defend its borders and was being plundered and crashed for 800 years.

Speaking at a function, the Indian retired army officer lambasted India for what he called it as the chicken-hearted and faint-hearted nation, as invaders one after another used to come to your Country and conquered your Country. They destroyed your temples and looted your gold and wealth to Central Asia but never did the courage to fight against them.

Major General (retd) Gagan Deep Bakshi widely known as G. D. Bakshi was born in 1950 and is a retired Indian army officer. He is from the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles and was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal for commanding a battalion in the Kargil War and the Sena Medal for his distinguished service in commanding a battalion during counter-insurgency drives.

The army officer further exposed his Country and raised a question as what you invented for the last 30 years except for the Bofors guns, as MiG-21 jet fighters are of 1960, so we will fight with stones.

G. D. Bakshi revealed that we should thank Pakistan and Sardar Patel that saved you, as Pakistan kept on attacking without any wait. he said that what are you said about Pakistan, we need to appreciate Pakistan as its first governor-general was a Muslim and his name was Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

However, the Indian army officer sarcastically remarked that our governor-general was Lord Mountbatten because we had a great love for him.

“We sacrifice hundreds of lives for independence but even then we asked his family to say here to rule because we loved his family the most,” he mocked.

“Once Lord Mountbatten was asked to stop the riots, he sardonically replied to Jawaharlal Nehru you are the prime minister and handled the situation,” the army officer blasted.

G. D. Bakshi dared to bring to limelight the bitter fact and stated that undoubtedly, Pakistani tanks entered India in 1965 and the soldiers offered prayers in New Delhi and we faced this level of humiliation.

“Thanks to Pakistan that taught us fighting as we were being trashed till we were not ready to fight,” he said.

The Indian army officer also said that the Indian nation needs to thank the Chinese liberation Army, which beaten us so hard in 1962 that Nehru had been left with no option but to cry for the US help.

However, he revealed that we faced embarrassment on that front too because the US government asked the Indian government ‘where is your own air force, as you were asking for our support’, as India had such a huge air force and whether you deployed them. He also disclosed that no air force was used in 1962.

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