Seminar on National Voters Day

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: The National Voters Day will be celebrated on December 7 to create awareness among the citizens for using their right to vote.

While talking to the state-run news agency in Rawalpindi, the District Election Commissioner Rawalpindi Zahid Subhani said that a seminar in connection with the National Voters Day would be held on Thursday in District Council Hall Kutchery which would start at 10 am.

Zahid Subhani said Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) would celebrate National Voters Day on December 7 by launching a number of civic and voters’ education programmes including seminars, walks, mass awareness campaign at federal, provincial, district and union council level.

The commission intends to convey messages aimed at increasing the voters turnout for the next general elections at grassroots level in order to ensure the prosperity of a democratic system.

The District Election Commissioner said all preparations in connection with National Voters Day have been finalized. The seminar would be attended among others by politicians, political workers, civil society members, students and representatives of religious parties.

Subhani said the Election Commission would make all out efforts to create awareness for active participation of the voters in the electoral process.

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