Secretary General JI Ameer-Ul-Azeem appeals worshipers to conserve water while making ablution

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Ameer-Ul-Azeem has made an appeal to the Muslim worshipers, asking them to conserve water while making ablution for offering prayers.

Millions of Muslims across the Country make ablution (Wudhu) at least five times a day to offer prayers. Most of such worshipers also use Maswak for cleansing of their teeth, acting upon the Sunnah of last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Since the Country is facing acute water scarcity but yet the people demonstrate negligence and waste a lot of water while making ablution.

Therefore, the Secretary General JI Pakistan Ameer-Ul-Azeem took to social media, wherein he made an appeal for every Muslim to ensure that water is not wasted while performing the important religious practice.

Ameer-Ul-Azeem noted that if worshipers close the water tap as they use Maswak and practice Masah in Wudhu, millions of litres of water can be conserved.