Season II by Seema Arif


Season II by Seema Arif

Game of Thrones by Seema ArifThe political rhetoric is going on and so is the sit-in ready to break the world record. Yet it is strange that it has not been able to catch much attention of the foreign media. I’m curious to know “Why”? Is it not enthusing political movement or it has not engaged sizeable public or the reasons are different, i.e. its script is not appealable to foreign agenda, not suiting their interests or motives in the region…?

They admit after all, that it was all local; the London Plan is no more a secret; the original conspiracy was aimed at seeking superiority of men in uniform; the two persons chosen for the ignoble task were not believed to have a stronghold in the public; so it might be assumed as the things would be sorted out between the government and the men in uniform, both will be sent home. Perhaps they themselves would be seeking an excuse to go home as early as possible, as it was evidenced in the previous experience with the Reverend Qadri. Too many odds were at play, the location, the minimal facilities, the hard weather, and the possible use of force. The charter of demands put by both could have been a further reason for failure. The political rhetoric in the media has been resounding these concerns as everyone looked impatiently for the moment when the sovereign will put his thumb down for the gladiator.  Everyone has been oblivious of the fact that media entertains long term seasons these days; how long a show will run depends upon the popularity and the business of the show.

As movement is getting momentum and not losing interest of people; the hype that media has created and the voices that have reached the ears of a common man shaking him up from the bottom are not to be lulled easily. It is not the players but the public who is seeking justifiable end. The abrupt and sudden end is becoming difficult with the each passing day. I’ve been thinking that how can a political movement become strong without an obvious political philosophy and without seasoned politicians to back it. So many people accuse the persons present at the left and right of the khan as opportunist, belonging to the same lot, unable to deliver their promises to the public, yet they are unmindful of the fact that the process of leadership transforms both the leaders and the followers, and if we are witnessing signs of such transformation, then only meaningful change is on the way. One curious remark, I got from the mouth of Khan last night during his exclusive interview with Mubashar Lucman for ARY NEWS is worthy of attention: I am pleased with the awakening of the elite, and the educated upper and middle class; so much better it is that they take the responsibility of 11 crore poor people of Pakistan rather than I become the prime minister of Pakistan. Is it leadership’s awakening moment of the righteousness of the purpose? If it is so, it is even more dangerous for the other side, because if the leader has sacrificed some of his cherished ambitions for collective good, it means he has become more fearless of losing the battle.

Is it a defining moment in the history of politics of Pakistan? The moral purpose of the movement has been defined and it will determine the political philosophy challenging the moral strength and character of the leaders and politicians involved in it. The weakest rat is already out of the game; we can expect few more gains and losses. The more the young blood is added the better it is for the movement and its future. Most of the times we are judging people for what they were, overlooking what they are now, therefore, sadly missing what they may become in future. Most of the political rhetoric in media echoed the same stereotypes, unable to look at the bigger picture or the emerging phenomenon. However, no more uncertainties, the witches’ cauldron is full of resources and with each rising bubble we see a goblin emerging in the air to blow something vicious but getting collapsed soon. Things are not easy at any end; ECP is not at its toes but walking in the right direction at snail’s pace, yet gradually adding small wins to the Captain’s cap. Judiciary has closed its ears, but eyes are wide open to take each step carefully. Moral pressure is building and it won’t be easy to get away with it, neither for government nor for the men in uniform, and the least for Khan and Qadri. No more whistle blowing. The air is serious and marches are becoming louder. I don’t think so it’s a moment for about turn.

The play and the playground both can be changed. The scorpion has been pinched with heavy strike; YES! Now it is MQM and Sindh Government, but we hear Go Nawaz Go. The forthcoming chief of the sacred agency does not seem to be as apolitical as it was being guessed. London has become all the more important; the governor of Punjab flies from London to Germany refusing to meet PM and Governor Sindh has flown to London in emergency, when “dharna” has started in every nook and corner of Karachi.  So people of Pakistan are you ready for season II?

About the writer

Seema Arif is associate professor at School of Social Sciences & Humanities in University of Management & Technology, Lahore. Pakistan. She portrays herself as humble seeker of the Sufi way. Her academic output relates to organizational behavior and concerns about leadership. She has published widely in local and international newspapers, magazines and journals.

Contact her: seema.arif@umt.edu.pk


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