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Looking for a scooty for girls? Here is all the information you need.



scooty for girls with priceFor the past few years, we have heard and seen a lot of scooty brands making their place in the local market. Although the spread of the trend is gradual, we still observe several girls riding scooters in the urban cities of Pakistan. The fast-paced and busy routines have created a need for independent rides for females. Some brands have stepped up with the launch of scooty for girls in Pakistan. These easy-to-drive two-wheeler rides are gaining immense popularity among college and university students. Let’s check out the scooty prices in Pakistan for girls.Scooty for Girls - Price in Pakistan, Brands, and Features!

Scooty for Girls in Pakistan


Formerly, the trend was initiated in the neighbouring country of India. In a few years, most Indian females adapted to scooty culture and became independent while on the roads. Today, there are many companies successfully selling scooty for girls.

Here, we have gathered all the information about the scooty brands in Pakistan. By reading further, you can find the details of prices, features, and availability.

Scooty for Girls – Brands and Details

United Scooty 50cc

United 50cc


United has introduced a lightweight and low-power scooty for girls in Pakistan. The United 50cc scooty is one of the cheapest scooters launched locally. For those girls who want an easy-to-handle scooty, this 50cc variant can be a great choice. You can find several colour options when you purchase and choose according to your preference.

The 50cc scooty is also perfect for those learning to drive a scooty. The lesser power and the lighter presence of the scooty make it easy to ride in the local traffic situation.


The United 50cc scooty is available for PKR 50,000 in the country.

United 80cc Scooty


United 80cc

United 80cc scooty is an optimal choice for girls who want to experience a comfortable scooty ride. The 80cc scooty comes with a 4-stroke and OHC system, making it great to ride. This elegant scooty can achieve 7.2 Hp (8000 rpm) if we talk about the power output. The scooty comes with a dry weight of 90 kg.

For frequent scooty travellers, this 80cc model is a great option. It is a perfect combination of power and comfort. University and college-going females can get the best use out of the United 80cc scooty.


The price of the United 80cc scooty for girls is PKR 90,000.

United 100cc Scooty

United 100cc Scooty

For those who want to get their scooty driving game to the next level, the United 100cc scooty is just the ride. This scooty is designed to withstand frequent usage without lacking in the performance sector. This model has a 4-stroke engine and a single-cylinder forced air-cooled engine. The dry weight of this powerhouse scooty is about 91 kg.

This 100cc variant is perfect for those who like to take their friends along for a ride. The powerful engine delivers smooth performance with two passengers on board. You can also carry limited weight in groceries and other items on this 100cc scooty.


The United 100cc powerful scooty comes with a relatively higher price tag of PKR 95,000.

Super Power 70cc Scooty

Scooty for Girls - Price in Pakistan, Brands, and Features!

Super Power became popular in Pakistan with a lineup of budget motorbikes. However, the company has expanded its operation in manufacturing cookies. Super Power will soon launch a 70cc scooty for the local consumer market. Unlike its competition, Super Power has developed a mid-range power scooty for girls. You can find a clutchless start feature with enhanced seating comfort in this 70cc scooty.

The 70cc scooty is designed to accomplish a lightweight ride with mid-ranged engine power. It is highly suitable for beginners as well as frequent riders.

If we bring the fuel average into the discussion, the Super Power 70cc scooty can achieve about 65 km/L. The achievable top speed is about 70 KM/h. Additional features include a self-start power option, metallic colour choices, and a rear stand.

This scooty has made its place in the eyes of Pakistan’s auto consumer industry ahead of its launch. It can suit those who travel frequently but do not want overwhelming engine power. The optimal design and engine power also ensure excellent handling to avoid accidents.


The price tag of this 70cc scooty is one of the significant factors contributing to its popularity in Pakistan. Compared to the United 50cc scooty, Super Power offers a 70cc scooty at the same price tag of PKR 50,000. We can expect Super Power to compete fairly in the competitive market with its 70cc scooty launch.

Honda Dio

Scooty for girls in Pakistan

Honda is a renowned name when it comes to motorbikes. However, not many know that the company is also taking significant steps to introduce scooters for girls and boys alike. One of the well-received scooty models from Honda is Dio. The Honda Dio is a fully automatic transmission scooty with ease and comfort to drive. With a single-cylinder engine, the scooty can deliver the maximum output of 7.76 PS @ 8000 rpm. If we talk about the maximum torque, Dio’s engine gives you a 9 Nm @ 4750 rpm. Moreover, the SI engine technology is a four stroke engine with a cooling fan. The fuel average of Dio is recorded as 48 Km/L, which is very efficient for most users.


The price of the Honda Dio varies based on the choice of variant. However, you can expect to find it between PKR 85,000 – PKR 90,000.

Honda U-GO

Scooty for girls in Pakistan

Another recent launch in the global market is Honda U-GO E-scooter. Although it is yet to arrive in the local market, we can expect it to come to the local market, keeping in view the encouraging environment for electric vehicles. If we look at some of the key highlights of the U-GO scooty, it comes with continuous-rated hub motors of 1.2kW and 0.8kW. These electric motors can deliver the top speed of 53 Km/L and 43 Km/L, respectively. Moving on to the battery, the U-GO scooter comes with a 1.44 kW lithium-ion battery pack. Here, it is essential to mention that Honda allows users to upgrade the battery by installing a bigger one.


The Honda U-GO E-scooter is currently available in the Chinese market. The starting price of the scooty is USD 1,150. The scooty is presently not launched in the Pakistani market.

Suzuki 49cc Scooty

Like Honda, Suzuki is a well-known name for two-wheeler rides, including motorbikes, heavy bikes, and scooters. The company has stepped forward in the division of manufacturing scooters for girls and boys. The 49cc scooty comes with a 4 Stroke EFI single-cylinder engine and a comfortable driver seat. Suzuki is always focused on riding comfort. This means we can expect a very comfortable ride from this smart scooty. The fuel tank capacity for this scooty is 4 litres. You can also find the CVT transmission for a smooth ride.


If you want to purchase your brand, new Suzuki 49cc scooty, you can find it with a price tag of PKR 80,000 – PKR 100 000.

Verdict for Scooty Lovers

In the initial phase, a few motor companies are stepping into the sector of cookies. However, the increasing trend of female scooty riders in Pakistan clearly indicates that we may see more scooties from several brands in the local market quite soon.

Key Takeaways:

Which scooty is best for girls in Pakistan?
  • United 50cc
  • United 80cc
  • United 100cc
  • Super Power 70cc
  • Honda Dio
  • Suzuki 49cc
Which is the cheapest scooty to buy in Pakistan?

United 50cc scooty is the cheapest scooty to buy in Pakistan. The scooty is greatly popular among girls.



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