Scooties – The new must-have accessory for Pakistani Girls in 2022

Bikes in PakistanScooties – The new must-have accessory for Pakistani Girls in 2022

As the new generation takes over the wheel of our future and the government keeps on boosting its Women on Wheels initiative – we expect to see as much as 40% of women having scooties by the end of 2025. We love it when Pakistani women can travel like Rosie Gabrielle and are just as accepted and welcomed by the community. In our today’s article on scooties for females, we will discuss why we believe that they are indeed a must-have for all Pakistani girls.


1.      Perfect for micro-mobility

For far too long, women have depended on the male members for their mobility and while buses are a good option too it is somewhat time restraining. With a scootie, you can just travel per your schedule and get things done like you want to. No need to wait for your tailor to come to you, just start your scootie and go to them yourselves. Want to do a little grocery shopping but your brother doesn’t want to go out? Your scootie is there for you. From the most menial of journeys to the most planned ones – just turn on that scootie and get on with your life!

2.      Environment Friendly

As the climate crisis only gets serious with each passing day for us, it is important to invest in e-scooties. They are environmentally friendly and produce zero emissions while operating. Even though the making of a scooty does involve emission but it is far less than the amount produced by travelling in cars and their making altogether. Thus, scooties are a much greener option.


3.      Great Investment

You get what you pay for when it comes to getting scooties for girls and even boys. You can pick from a variety and go from cheap to high prices depending on your estimated usage and commute. Investing in a reliable brand will not only ensure good quality but also be a cost-effective decision in the long run. The available scooties for women in Pakistan have a lighter tone and offer 49 CC – 100 CC horsepower.


Scooties don’t just make lives easier for women and are not a bearer of women empowerment for them but in today’s fast world – they are a necessity for all. The make commuting easier and also offer a quick work out for those using them as well.

Sijdah Hussain
Sijdah Hussainhttp://www.chaaonsabkliye.com
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