Why Are Scooties In Pakistan Becoming Popular With Women?

Every girl has at least once in her life, come to a point where she desired to be a boy. The most common incident is when they feel bound to independently travel anywhere. Women in Pakistan are dependent upon males to travel to their desired destinations. However, with increased confidence and passion among women, the trend of scooties in Pakistan is increasing. A great number of women are no longer scared of the stereotypes and they are confident enough to glide through the crowded streets of Pakistan while meandering among the male drivers. Here are some of the reasons for the popularity of scooties among women.

Scooties In Pakistan Are Easing Mobility

Scooties in Pakistan

Scooties in Pakistan is becoming a great source of mobility for females. These easy to drive and lightweight vehicles are easing it for women to drive carefree. Pakistan has a wide range of scooties for girls that are becoming increasingly popular among females.

Trend Setter

This revolution came when women realized that the two-wheelers are not just for the boys. girls, too, have the ability to steer their bike handles to wherever they want without requesting any male to drop them somewhere they want. Stereotypically, women could only travel with a trusted male. Families do not even trust their daughters to travel with Uber and Careem drivers. However, Scooties in Pakistan is empowering the women to head out alone on the narrowed and crowded roads of Pakistan.


The upper-class women could conveniently afford to drive their luxurious cars and travel to any place they wish. But, the middle and lower middle-class girls are not privileged enough to afford their own vehicles. But, not anymore, a wide range of scooties are entering the Pakistani vehicle market at affordable price ranges. Therefore, the women who want to be independent in their mobility can choose a scooty to get relief from jerks of public transport or pleading their brothers to drop them off somewhere. Also, they could save a large amount of money by skipping the fares of Ubers and Careems.

Breaking Stereotypes

Scooties in Pakistan

A farewell to stereotypes because Pakistani women are not the same. They are no longer bound by the cultural cuffs that restricted them from travelling alone. College and university going or working women have realized it is important for them to head out of their homes to make their careers. If they could stand shoulder to shoulder alongside the males in education and business, why cannot they ride two-wheelers on the same streets where men ride their motorcycles.

Future Of Scooties In Pakistan

The progress of Pakistani women’s opting for scooties is gradual. But, it will ultimately be common by breaking down the norms of society. Still, there is only a handful amount of women who are riding scooties on the roads. However, the time will arrive soon when women riders will be equal to men like in India, Sri Lanka or Indonesia. The companies must put their high hopes in the future of scooties in Pakistan and try to lower the rates to make them more affordable to women.

Duaa Naeem
Duaa Naeem
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