Scion FRS 2023 Price in US | Specs, Features, and More

Cars in PakistanScion FRS 2023 Price in US | Specs, Features, and More

Toyota and Subaru have exclusive status in the global automobile market. Both brands have established a promising presence due to their excellence in what they do. Who would have thought the two brands would join forces to build a sports car? If you are stunned by the idea, let us tell you that the famous Scion FRS is the resulting product. This car has the whole market on its toes. The 17-inch alloys, modern interior features, voice commands, automatic controls, cutting-edge navigation system, and a 4-cylinder 2.0L, 200-horsepower engine are the few highlights of the car. Let’s dive into the details to learn the Scion FRS price in US and everything else you need.

Scion FRS Features

Scion FRS has everything you expect from a sports car. The superior aerodynamics and high-end performance are not the only pros of the car. There is much more to explore.


Scion FRS modified

Interior Features

Scion FRS features a fusion of a sporty and luxurious interior. The first time you get inside the cabin, you’ll notice a mix of Subaru and Toyota materials. Purely a driver-oriented car, the FRS offers driving seat adjustment control, an audio system with a touch display, a navigation system, voice control, smart connectivity, and spacious seating. Keeping the driver’s comfort and the car’s performance in focus, the manufacturing unit stretched the seat to the rear shield, taking nearly the whole cabin. You can take your car to long routes without worrying about getting tired.

Scion FRS InteriorScion FRS Price in USExterior Features

The exterior of Scion FRS makes it super awesome. The hood offers decent visibility to the driver for cornering. The front grille takes up significant space under the headlamps. The rear end hints at Subaru’s design language for its sports segment vehicles. Nevertheless, you will notice a perfect Toyota-Subaru balance in most parts. The 2022 Scion FRS features a wide grille, a honeycomb pattern, and turn signals that are more pointed and follow the front screen.

Scion FRS Price in USPerformance Features


The performance of the car gives a decent value for money if you look at the Scion FRS price in US. The Scion FRS comes with a 4- cylindrical engine, having a capacity of 2.0 liters. This epic entry to the club produces 200 horsepower and a torque of 151-pound feet. If you like to upgrade, you can increase its power by adding a 6-speed gearbox and a paddle shifter. The Scion FRS horsepower during tests can be fast-tracked from zero to 60MPH in 6.5 seconds. Moreover, the 6-speed manual Scion FRS yields an EPA ranking of 25 mpg (22 city / 30 highway) and mechanically reaches an impressive 28 mpg (25/34) result. What else would a driver need?

Safety Features

The Scion FRS safety features are mentioned below.

  • ABS brakes
  • Power Control
  • Air Bags (Front and Side)
  • Cruise Control
  • Above-Average Accidental Safety (Edmund’s Brake Test)

Scion FRS Price in US

Scion FRS Price in USScion FRS Review (USA)

Scion FRS is a fan favorite right now. Yet, many users need an expert’s opinion to compare the various departments of the vehicle before buying it. We have covered all the details here to get you started. The following comprehensive review can help you decide whether Scion FRS is the one you need.


Scion FRS Customer Reviews (USA)

Before we take you to the Scion FRS price in US, let us share some of the car’s customer reviews that we picked from Edmunds to give you a better idea.

Customer # 1

——— “I had for a very long time an old Porsche 928 s4.
It was an amazing car, and I thrashed the crap out of it. It died a terrible death…
The new Scion replaced it.
The Sion is not nearly as fast nor as flashy. But it is WAAAAY more fun. At every red light, the little 4 gives it a mighty big BRAAAPPPP, and off we go. The shift points are just pure joy.
This is not a car that will set a new land speed record, or corner at speeds that make your brains turn to mush. BUT—-It is a very fun car that is amazingly responsive.
It puts a smile on your face driving in city traffic as its sure is a little street fighter.
It is great on the highway, and its MPG is amazing.
The car has a real soul.” ———

Customer # 2

——— “Don’t listen to everybody who berates this car.
Those are the people who don’t understand its purpose.
After 10,000 miles through 6 states and Canada, I can tell you this car is great in every single circumstance.
City, highway, straight road, twisty road, road course, etc.
I can get 34mpg on the highway and average 31mpg even with some autocross and track days sprinkled in.
You can fit a 6′ person in the back as long as the front passenger is willing to give up some leg room.
I honestly test-drove every single new car with a manual transmission under $25k and this was by far my favorite.” ———

Customer # 3

——— Lucky for us, Toyota put this under the Scion brand so dealers cannot mark it up.
I live in the Los Angeles area and cars still disappear from some dealers lots in a matter of a day or two. I did accept the fact that the dealer installed Lojack. Got mine in Asphalt Black (dark grey metallic, really) with the rear wing and TRD exhaust installed from the factory. I had test driven a car with the stock exhaust.
While the TRD exhaust has a beautiful note, it makes it difficult to have a conversation with a passenger. Still, I would take the exhaust over stock. Seats are supportive and the instrument gauges are perfect (very much like Porsche). Car reminds me of a Lotus – light, small, minimalist.

Scion FRS Price in US

The Scion FRS price in US is mentioned below.

Trim typeMSRP
Release Series$29,510
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