SC to hear five cases against Pevez Musharraf today

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court will conduct hearing of five cases including a case of treason against former president Pervez Musharraf today.

Former president Pevez Mushrraf has been confined in only two rooms of his farmhouse, now declared a sub-jail of Adiala Jail.

Superintendent Adiala Jail, Malik Mushtaq, visited Musharraf’s farmhouse on Sunday and inspected security arrangements there.

Deputy Superintendent of Adiala Jail, Nasir, has been appointed permanently at Chak Shehhzad Sub-Jail to look after all affairs.

The media, lawyers, and APML activists tried to meet Pervez Musharraf on Sunday but they all were not allowed. The guards pushed all visitors away from the farmhouse turned sub-jail.

Adiala Jail administration has declared only two room of farm house as sub-jail and confined Pervez Musharraf in those.

Pevez Musharraf cannot move out from those two rooms and he is not allowed to use phone or internet in the sub-jail.

The APML Secretary General, Dr. Amjad, and Information Secretary, Aasia Ishaque, also tried to meet Musharraf on Sunday but they were not allowed.

Pervez Musharraf’s counsels, Advocate Qamar Afzal and Ibrahim Satti, also did not get permission to meet their client.