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Valentine day, the supposed day of love and peace celebrated throughout the world by people of all countries without any restrictions. Well almost all over the world, unless you live in Pakistan where this holiday is almost always declared “Haraam” by our religious scholars on the basis that this holiday is a Christian holiday out to promote Christianity or something.
Honestly, I never could understand the notion of celebrating love on a specific day for the people who are dear to you should always be told that they are told. You don’t need a special day just to say “I Love You” to anyone but then again this is a personal opinion that not many people share. Then again this was a problem that I base on logic, which is not something that can be said about our Mullahs, who love to go around bashing this day, going as far as dubbing it a Christian plot by the Pope to take Muslims and pull them away from Islam.
Honestly, I get it that we are a paranoid nation but that is taking things too far. The only evil plot anywhere in Valentine day is the one by corporate businessmen who advertise the day in such a way that almost everyone wants to celebrate it by going on a date, buying expensive gifts and so forth. That is not a plot to throw people off religion but it’s a plot to make more money. They don’t care what your religion is; they just want what’s in your pocket. Our mullahs need to realize that.
Many argue that this holiday promotes “be-hayaayi” (or shamelessness, in laymen terms) to that I always laugh and counter argue a very logical statement, “does it promote shamelessness or give people a chance to really show what was already in them in the first place?” I mean how many people have you seen who actually see a girl for the first time on Valentine Day, walk up to her and ask her out? Almost none, all those people have already scouted the girls they want all year around, this day just gives them a chance to go and ask her to come with them so they can finally move from the stalker category to a “friend” category. If you really want to stop Valentine Day for this purpose, then promote Islam all year around and not on this day saying things which are contradictory and hypocritical in nature.
Yes, I know many of you might be a little upset that I am here expressing my non Islamic views to the masses whereas I should be beheaded before I could even speak such blasphemies. Honestly, Islam is a religion of peace and love. Make it so, especially at a time like this when the entire world is calling Muslims terrorists and looking for a reason to degrade Muslims every and any chance they get. At a time like this, if some love fools want to celebrate Valentine Day, they are going to do so, I mean they hide it from their families; they lie to them for the sake of being with someone else just because they think it’s cool. Do you really suppose your fatwa’s would stop it? No, it would only make it seem cooler, something that a person who has no interest in the day would also want to try as well.
However, if you go around explaining with love and LOGIC what your point of view is who knows maybe they would listen. Mullahs really need to bring themselves up to date with the logical part of things as Islam is a religion of logic and not of emotion alone. Everything in Islam has a deeper reasoning behind it, it’s time they search that up and explain their point of views through that instead of saying it is Haraam just because.

Asad Haroon
A netpreneur, blogger and above all; A Human 🙂 Asad tweets from @aghaasadharoon and can also be approached on Google+

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