Saudi grand mufti urges Muslim rulers to promote mutual cooperation


Saudi grand mufti urges Muslim rulers to promote mutual cooperation

MOUNT ARAFAT: Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh has called upon the Muslim rulers to promote mutual cooperation and harmony to meet all the present day challenges.

In his Hajj sermon delivered at Masjid-i-Namra in the plains of Arafat on Friday, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said that enemies are hatching conspiracies against Islam and responsibility lies with the Muslim rulers to tread the righteous path to foil the nefarious designs of anti-Islam forces.

The Muslim rulers should keep the interests of Ummah supreme and work towards their welfare and wellbeing, he said.

The grand mufti urged the Muslims to remain faithful to their rulers and extend a helping hand to them in meeting the challenges and promoting the teachings of Islam.

Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said that the enemies want to weaken us, and they incessantly plotting against Muslims. He said that polices should be framed to safe our future generations from bloodshed and any anarchy.

The Saudi grand mufti said that deviation from Islamic teachings is also one of the reasons for the problems faced by us. He said that the media of Muslim countries should also play its role for raising the flag of Islam in in the world.

The grand mufti said that Islam is a complete code of life and its teachings are for the wellbeing of the whole humanity. He said that the holy book Quran has declared Muslims the best of all Ummahs because it preaches nobility and stops from wrongdoings.

Islam preaches mutual cooperation, love and affection with the entire humanity. It has declared the murder of any person as the biggest sin, the grand mufti said.

Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh appealed to the religious scholars to promote the true teachings of Islam and invite the people towards the path shown by Quran and Sunnat. He emphasized the need for bringing reforms in the education system.

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