Sataesh Khan has claimed divorce from Malik Noraid Awaan

“My marriage is almost over. The news is true. Noureed along with his brothers Eshtiaq awan and Oneeb awan threatened to kill me and my family. We are appealing from the Govt to provide us protection. We have faith in Allah Azzawajal, If I have exposed it onthe media, I will speak with evidences. Keep me and my family in special Dua’s.
Sataesh Khan”


“It’s a request to media. Please portray my story as it is without adding gossips. I already appreciate their help but a segment on ARY news played a phone call statement of Miss Kanwal Nauman (actress/politician) does not match with my story. She said an entire different story of what actually happened to me. Stop manipulating people’s minds.
I left media in 2012 and got married in 2013. I married to have a family and to complete my Eman. Which did not work out.
So please show and speak the truth. I heard I was the 15th wife of Noureed Awan and that he misled many girls during and before my marriage. May Allah stop this cruel person if thats true. Very disappointed!”

“Because of Noureed Awan I am in high court with my lawyer. Legal process has begun Alhamdolillah. I wish Noureed had listened to me and sorted this out of court with respect. I will fight for my Haq Mehr and make sure men like Noureed Awan don’t get away easy after ruining an innocent’s life.
Make special Dua for me and my Family today. JazakAllah
it’s very heart breaking for all of us.”

“I have not come across one decent example of divorce case. During & before marriage men carry an entire different attitude with their wives but when it comes to separation they break each rule Allah sets for them. They dont give women shelter, kharcha and especially respect. They refuse to even give a woman’s right Haq Mehr SubhanAllah. This is a serious issue.
Talaq dety huye yaad nahi hota that the same woman you claimed to love once and she was your respect.
I fear marriage now.”


The following statuses were posted on Sataesh Khan’s official facebook page. This was Noraid Awaan’s second marriage. Firstly Noraid got married with the pop singer Annie Khalid but their marriage didn’t lasted for a longer period.

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