Sartaj Aziz meeting President Iran Hassan Rouhani during his unscheduled visit

Tehran: Advisor to Prime Minister to Pakistan Sartaj Aziz met President Iran Hassan Rouhani ‏ to discuss border security and development projects in the region.



Sartaj Aziz is on a unscheduled visit to Tehran and held a detail meeting with Resident Rouhani on Monday to convey a special message of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who is also scheduled to visit Iran on May 11.

No official announcement was made about the visit but diplomatic observers are attaching significance to the trip in the backdrop of the regional situation. Diplomatic sources in Islamabad claim that this unscheduled meeting is very important as Iranian leadership is very annoyed with Pakistan government on its constant alleged support to Syrian rebels and killing of Shiaiats in Pakistan. Iran also believes that delay in gas pipeline project is not due to pressure from United States rather Saudi Arabia is putting pressure to pro Saudi government of Pakistan to stop all projects including  import of electricity from Iran.

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