Sarah Khan Sister Biography- Everything You Want To Know


Sarah Khan sister

Sarah Khan and Noor Zafar Khan are just two beautiful gems of our showbiz. But, they have kept another one of them hidden behind the screen. Sarah Khan sister Aisha Khan is one of the three pretty sisters who are known for their beauty and simplicity. In this article, you will get to know all the details about Aisha Khan including her age, marital status, profession, and more.


Aisha Khan’s Biography

Sarah Khan sister

As of 2022, Aisha Khan is 28 years old. Her date of birth is 13 February 1993. She was born in Madinah but lives in Pakistan with her family. Her mother is from Lebanon. She has two sisters, Noor Zafar and Sarah Khan. Aisha also has a brother who lives abroad. Both of her sisters work in showbiz as great actresses. She is the only one of the sisters who has not followed the same path.


Aisha Khan possesses a degree in Management sciences. Her specialization is in Human Resource Management.

Sarah Khan Sister Profession

Aisha Khan did not choose to work as an actress in our industry as the other two sisters did. She usually remains off-the screen and away from the public’s attention. She is a talented event organizer by profession. Recently, she organized her wedding event with the cooperation of Sarah Khan. The pictures from the event took the internet by storm and set some trends for upcoming wedding events.

Aisha Khan’s Looks

Sarah Khan sister

Aisha Khan has an uncanny similarity to both, Sarah Khan and Noor Zafar Khan. Her looks seem to be a blend of both sisters. She has pretty eyes like Noor and a full bright smile and silky long hair like Sarah Khan. One who looks at her would definitely guess who she belongs to.

Aisha Zafar’s Marital Status

Sarah Khan sister Sarah Khan sister

Recently, this year, Aisha Khan got married to Osman Saleemi. Her wedding date is 18th March 2022. The ceremony was simple and strictly limited to family. There was a limited number of people. It lasted for two days and included various traditions from their family customs.

The arrangement was simple yet beautiful enough to make everyone feel awe. The viewers could see the beautiful scenery of Islamabad in the background in an open-air wedding arrangement. The floral arrangement topped the event like cherry.

Aisha Khan wore an Off-white traditional lehnga with a royal-styled dupatta. She helped many girls decide the look for their big day.

This was all the information we knew about Sarah Khan sister because she does not appear a lot on social media. All this information is derived from the posts and stories of Sarah Khan or Noor Zafar.