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The year 2018 has been an interesting year with geeky announcements.  Among them, there was another major announcement that has surfaced recently.  Samsung Developer Conference has finally stated the future of Samsung User Interface. Starting off with TouchWiz, Samsung kept on innovating user interface to achieve comfort level for the users and finally, it has been confirmed that Samsung Devices will get One UI which will be the biggest release after Android Lollipop UI.  It should also be mentioned that soon, you would be able to download Samsung One UI for your devices.

From TouchWiz to One UI

TouchWiz, for sure you would be familiar with the interface if you have been a loyal Samsung user for ages since all the Galaxy devices were powered by TouchWiz back then. Although every android version had a little variation but the structure for similar for all major releases of TouchWiz.  Although, a lot of users were loyal to TouchWiz we have to agree on one point that TouchWiz was not a good UI in terms of performance and battery timings. At some point, we all have felt a certain lag and poor performance of TouchWiz.  The reason behind the poor performance of TouchWiz was the background processes which always kept ram and processor occupied.

For the first time in 2016, Samsung tried to remove extra features from there interface and it was widely appreciated by the users. For a fact, it helped to improve the performance of the phone as well.

But not it’s clear that all that tweaking was not in vain but they were trying something different altogether. With the latest release of One UI, its confirmed that Samsung has finally taken a big step ahead. But honestly, we still prefer stock android UI.

Download One UI for Samsung

Samsung’s One UI Overview

The best part of One UI is that its main focus is to keep things simple like stock android and aim for ease of use. The interface is designed in a way that it looks natural and separation between viewing and interaction area is quite prominent. So, it won’t be wrong if we say that one thumb would have the power to control the phone now.

Samsung One UI Interface

Samsung has put an effort in removing extra content from the interface leaving the functions that are necessary which can be seen in the picture below. This interface lets you focus straight on the objective.

Samsung’s One UI Beta Program

Since the One UI is in beta mode so none would be able to download it right away except the users of S9, S9+, and Note 9. This beta release would be compatible with both Snapdragon and Exynos models. One major limitation would be the country origin for the beta release since Samsung has decided not to go Global with the release yet.  Countries like  Germany, Korea, and the US. Not much later, China, France, India, Poland, Spain, and the UK will get the immediate access to Beta release of One UI

If you have any of the phone mentioned above, you would have access to the One UI with Android Pie in few months. However, its a beta release so hiccups and glitches would be expected.


Enroll in Samsung’s One UI Beta Program

How to Enroll in Samsung’s One UI Beta Program

The enrollment of Samsung one’s UI Beta release is invited only at the moment. In order to be part of beta users, you must be invited by the company itself. The invites will be sent openly depending on the country and device. We would update this thread once we have more information on the invites.

The invite will popup via Samsung+ in the US and Samsung Members for all the countries. Also. you can download both apps via Play Store or Samsung Apps. You must have a valid and active Samsung account to be able to participate in the release.

One UI Beta Program Enrollment

Once you have received the invite, all you have to do is submit an application and wait for the approval. once your application has been approved, Samsung will send the beta release over the air and you can easily update then.

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