Safest Housing Societies In Pakistan

With the development and advancements in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan, there has been a significant change in the country’s real estate market. The development of housing societies and communities has had a profound impact on the country’s real estate sector.

The primary aim of these housing societies in Pakistan is to provide a high level of life and tons of attractive facilities while also catering to the needs of the masses.

The top housing societies in Pakistan are known for their stunning architectural designs and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Amenities such as business centres, exercise facilities, and other such amenities are made essential for the residents as well.


In this blog, we bring you a concise yet very informative list of housing societies in Pakistan that are known among the people for their location, amenities, and affordability.


  1. DHA Islamabad

The first location we’ll look at is DHA Islamabad; DHA is an abbreviation for (Defense Housing Authority). Within the realm of real estate, DHA Islamabad is a well-known name for investors in the country.


It provides residential spaces as well as commercial spaces to the people, making it ideally suited for both residents and business owners. The Pakistan Armed Forces are the owners of the city, while Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited is the company that developed it.

It has a significant presence across the majority of Pakistan’s main cities, earning it a high level of esteem in the real estate market. As soon as you walk through the doors of the DHA, you are transported into a world where living circumstances are always the most modern and luxurious.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure, first-rate amenities, and prime location are just some of the reasons that make DHA Islamabad one of its kind.

A house for sale in DHA Islamabad starts from 70 Lac Rupees. After reviewing the services and amenities offered by DHA Islamabad, you might want to consider them for yourself.

Some of the facilities offered by the society include:

  • Comprehensive Health Care Facility
  • Institutions of Learning That Are Up to Par with International Standards
  • A Magnificent Lake
  • In addition to the golf course, there is a service center that is open at all hours.
  • A large network of roads and parks and other open areas
  • Protection around the clock and access to a gated neighborhood is also provided.
  • Every aspect of the plumbing and wiring work is carried out perfectly.


  1. Bahria town Islamabad

This housing society, now Pakistan’s greatest landmark housing project, is owned by Malik Riaz, the country’s wealthiest real estate tycoon. Malik Riaz is responsible for the project’s rapid growth.

As the top option for customers who are interested in making an investment in Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad is the most advantageous approach to putting money into real estate. Bahria Town Islamabad is the ideal option to invest in because it features first-rate amenities and services, such as miniature golf courses, a service center open nonstop, an extensive network of roadways and green space, a gated community, commercial areas, and shopping complexes, and a great deal more. 

Due to its location, Bahria Town has been able to keep up its typical standard of lavish living in spite of the inauguration of other housing complexes around the country. The Housing Authority in Bahria Town Islamabad has boosted the project’s reputation to the point that it is now considered one of the best housing societies for residential and commercial uses in the capital city.

Some of the facilities offered by the society include:

  • hospitals and schools that are up to international standards.
  • Service center available around the clock
  •  Miniature golf courses
  • A large network of roads and parks and other open areas
  • Commercial locations within gated communities and enclosed retail centres
  • Full-time access to water, electrical power, and signage.


  1. DHA Bahawalpur

If you are seeking a fantastic location to make an investment in real estate, DHA Bahawalpur is one of the wonderful places that you should consider. 

You will have the opportunity to live in Bahawalpur for an extended period of time, and the area surrounding this project will have a residential development on 5200 acres that features a contemporary layout, cutting-edge conveniences, and a variety of commercial ventures.

It is close to the Southern Bypass and is around five minutes away from both G.T. Road and the airport.

In addition to its desirable location, it offers you a variety of facilities and amenities that are at par with the very best in the country. Affordable pricing is another important aspect that is taken into consideration by DHA Bahawalpur, which makes it possible for you to reserve a plot at a price that is within your budget.

Some of the features of the place include:

  • World-Class Town Planning with an Emphasis on Quality of Life Features
  • 24-hour surveillance with closed-circuit television as well as armed security personnel.
  • prestigious colleges and universities throughout the country.
  • hospitals and medical centres of the highest quality


  1. Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is one of the newest real estate developments in Islamabad, yet despite this, it is expanding at a quicker rate than any other. This community has been successful in preserving its beauty, as seen by the fact that it has preserved natural river flows, stunning hills, and natural viewpoints.

It is without a doubt one of the most elite residential communities anywhere in the country, and it provides facilities that are on a whole other level. The most well-known industrial market in all of Islamabad may be found right here. It has many amenities, including mosques, a health club, security cameras and surveillance, and a well-built protective boundary wall. Park View City Islamabad is owned and managed by Vision Group, and it’s a well-organized society.

Park View City Islamabad offers these features:

  • hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Opportunities for entertainment and recreation
  • The community is gated and protected, and there are security cameras monitoring the area around the clock to keep an eye out for any unwanted activity.


  1. DHA Multan

The Defense Housing Authority owns the project known as DHA Multan, and the developer has promised that they will give you all of the housing facilities that you want at the most affordable price. 

The most attractive aspect of this project is its affordability. You can get a house for sale in DHA Multan at 87 Lac. The majority of DHA Multan can be found on Bosan Route, close to Bahauddin Zakariya University. This road links all of the city’s most important neighbourhoods. 

They will also provide you with world-class living facilities to make your life easier. They offer an open supply of water, gas, and electricity 24 hours a day, free internet access 24 hours a day, etc.

Some of the facilities offered by DHA Multan include:

  • the power supply that is located beneath the soil, making the interrupted supply possible.
  • education institutions of the highest calibre, including prestigious universities.
  • Community centres and Social Clubs
  • Top-notch security system.
  • The finest medical and physical training facilities.
  • Clearwater supply available 24×7.
  • Innovative and Cutting-Edge Planning.
  • Infrastructure Plans for Roads, Including Sewerage and Drainage Systems

So, these are the top five housing societies in Pakistan that you should consider for sure. We hope this blog will give you a fair idea about the housing societies and will aid you in making a well-informed decision regarding your investment.



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