Rusty shackles and roots

Rusty shackles and roots

By Ahmed Farooq

Ahmed Farooq is a promising young writer and blogger
Ahmed Farooq is a promising young writer and blogger

With dusty hands and a muddy face, the working class looks up at the sun and curses the bourgeoisie. Proletariats have forever been captivated behind capitalist bars and tormented by minimal wages since their induction to jobs unfit for them. Since life dawned upon mother earth, the primordial beast pledged allegiance to the alpha and then to deities they brought before him and swore an oath for eternal slavery to both. The proletariat brushes away the cold sweat along with the thoughts thundering into his mind.
Division and classification is the second nature of man and as is the problem with every man made system, it is full of discrimination and intolerance as men start to classify and discriminate their own kith and kin. The elite and the authoritative shower their subordinates with endless onslaughts of oppression, aggression and violence. If the weak submit, they are enslaved but if they stand up and rebel than there are two possibilities, they displace and overthrow the tyrants or are displaced themselves.
Since oppression was born, the mighty revolted. From the blood on the sword of Hereward the Wake to the smoking guns of Edelweiss Pirates , from the glimmering swords of the Marathas to the blood stained fists of Bhagat Singh , men has revolted from all corners of the globe throughout the countless centuries that have passed. Battle cries and death throes of these warriors can be heard amidst the chilling wind and the mournful cries of the frozen moon. They were slaves to no man, no faith and no agenda but a slave to their own cause.
Odd is the nature of radicals and rebels. They tend to move against the tides and struggle even harder to not to get swept away. It’s their immortal will that keeps them on their feet. As the entire nation remains on its knees these men stand tall, glaring at their masters with fire in their eyes and rejecting their orders. Leaders never seize to retaliate; they unleash an unrelenting onslaught of brainwashing and police raids in numerous attempts to prevent the broad minded from polluting the ideologies of the ignorant. Mama Qadeer and the martyr Sabeen are among these radicals, begging for the rights of the oppressed Balochs and both are considered as enemies of state. Yet residing within a democratic nation, there is little freedom and within a theocratic state there is little morality.
Democracy has been adulterated, our thoughts mutilated and our hearts captivated. Plagued with theocracy, the government ties a blindfold around the publics eyes, feeds it with lies and makes it swell in patriotism hence making them think that their lives amount to nothing and should be sacrificed for the land and for a god. States, borders and nations are the results of racism, sexism, religious extremism and the unquenched blood lust shrouding the individuals eyes. Religion was born to tame the beast that the man really is. It was there to induce morality and ethics within a society whose culture was based on greed, murder, war and disunity but later it was and is being used a tool and weapon by the warmongers.
Terror and war follows as nations and religions are born. The blind shepherd willingly leads his flock of sheep into the river, gleefully smiling and embracing martyrdom. Martyrdom is necessary; it fuels the public with motivation and pride. The sheep will blindly follow, dreaming of virgin women, heaven, wine and the endless pleasures that await them but never knowing that their lives were insignificant and they were being offered as sacrifices to enemy forces. The cut throat armies of Vikings, Crusaders, Saxons, Normans, Romans, Greeks, Mongols, and Arabs etc were lead by greedy warlords whose mouths watered over bloodshed and gold while their men had only war and martyrdom in mind.
Pope Urban is displeased that the Saracens have occupied the holy land; he gives out a call for war, ordering all the Christian men to unite. Centuries later, a bearded man with sparkling glasses and a charming grin on his face calls out to Saracens to unite and march against the oppressors in Israel, USA and declares the entire non-Muslim states as rivals and progenies of the great apocalypse. This man is the infamous Anwar Awlaki, the spokesman of Al-Qaeda. Not much has changed. These are trends passed onto generations and these trends are practiced with the same enthusiasm and energy as were practiced by previous generations. One other such trend being; bringing nations to justice whose evil deeds are the same as those of the attacker.
There is a trend of tyrants dethroning other “tyrants” for the sake of humanity. Another arrogant nation intervenes and raids the sovereignty of another nation for the sake of plunder and as an excuse, states that its freeing the public from oppressors.USA is an example, from its rise during the heat of WWII to its continuous expansion till this day, a country that shuns Nazism and considers Nazi sympathy a crime, is itself guilty of war crimes. Nuking Japan was not enough to satisfy it, slaughtering Iraqis was never enough; being battered by the soviets at Vietnam still did not weaken it and spilling blood of the Afghans and hunting down the bearded individuals still did not solve much of its problems. A country so willing to expand its dominion was disturbed by Saddam invading Kuwait. It had to overthrow the Iraqi president for his war crimes. This very nation, USA, tried to liberate Tibet from the clutches of communist China and smuggled the spokesman of rebellion to Tibet. SAD agents, CIA operatives, marines and soldiers are nothing but mere puppets, overthrowing powers for the sake of their masters. The ones to break free are the ones jailed.
The proletariat pushes the spade deeper into the ground; the sweat trickles down his forehead, the wise words of Tortsky, Lenin, Stalin, Marx and Bakunin condense as thick fog within his troubled mind. Realizing that the soldiers and workers are nothing but a puppet to the bourgeoisie and the ruling class and no form of rebellion will ever awaken the public and a utopian state will never be established. Within moments he breaks down, screams, hurls his spade far into the distance and laughs violently to the joke it all is as a band of protestors marches by, demanding higher wages and a decrease in taxation. These are doctors, who value wealth over human lives and have pays greater than that of the proletariat, who is laughing menacingly to death.

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