No Russian gas supply for Ukraine from Monday

Kiev: There will be no Russian gas supply for Ukraine from Monday. Ukrainian Prime Minster Arseny Yatsenyuk has ordered Energy and Coal ministries, regional governments and Ukrainian gas supply company Naftogaz to suspend receiving Russian gas supply from Monday.

Ukrainian government has not announced what are new arrangements for gas supply and what regions and sectors will be effected from closure of Russian gas supply.

russia offered discount on gas rate to Ukraine Thursdays talks in Brussels if Ukraine clear is debt to Russia that is $3 billion.  Russian national gas company Gazprom  says Ukraine owes Russia over $4 billion for deliveries in November-December 2013 and April-May 2014. While Ukraine thought that European Union will help Ukraine with cash to clear debt with Russia but it looks EU has not taken any decision to help Ukraine with cash rather EU is helping only with words of diplomacy.

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