Russian Black Sea fleet will leave Crimea, Ukraine if Kiev joins EU

Russian Black Sea fleet will leave  Crimea, Ukraine if Kiev joins EU
Kiev:  Ukraine and Russia will finish contracts on stay of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation for territories of the Crimea. The parties already discussed the main questions of bilateral cooperation, the schedule of contacts between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs as telephone conversation of the secretary of state – the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin with the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Ruslan Demchenko took place. It has been decided that the Black Sea fleet will go back to Russia once Kiev joins process of joining EU.
It may be mentioned that Victor Baloga declare that if Russia intends to reconsider the strategic partnership with Ukraine in case of signing by Kiev of the agreement on association with EU, Moscow has to take away the fleet from the Crimea.
Source: League
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