Russia probing death of Ambassador Alexander Kadakin in New Delhi

New Delhi, India: Russian intelligence is probing unexpected death of Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin who died in New Delhi on January 26, 2017 without having any record of cardiac illness.


According to Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency, 67 year old Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin was trying to mediate between New Delhi and Islamabad to defuse Indo-Pak tension.

Diplomatic sources claim that Kadakin was of the view that Kremlin could play its role to normalize situation between the two arch rivals who are now close friends of Russia.

Sources maintain that Russia wishes normal relations between Pakistan and India because harsh relations between both countries were stressing Kremlin relations with both because Russia now wishes equal relations between India and Pakistan but certain Indian politicians are pushing Russia to seize its relations with Pakistan if it (Russia) wishes to continue cordial relations with New Delhi.

“Fluent in Hindi and having a diplomatic contact with India since August 1971, Kadakin was successfully operating in political circles of India to normalize Indo-Pak relations but his sudden and unexpected death has halted possible conflict resolution initiated by Russia between two nuclear rivals and neighbours”, commented  sources.

Russia probing death of Ambassador Alexander Kadakin in New Delhi
Russia probing death of Ambassador Alexander Kadakin in New Delhi

“Kadakin oversaw a period of renewed tensions between India and Pakistan at a time when Russia was trying to continue its good relations with India whilst building good relations with Pakistan”, commented a source in Foreign Office.

Kadakin began his diplomatic career as a probationer at the Russian Embassy in India in August 1971. He then joined the embassy as the third secretary before going on to work at different capacities for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Diplomatic circles in New delhi believe that Russian Embassy is tight lipped over any probe in his sudden and unexpected death for avoiding to over-stress already strained Indo-Russian diplomatic relations.

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