Russia, Iran going for Visa- Free regime for businessmen and tourists

IranRussia, Iran going for Visa- Free regime for businessmen and tourists

Russia, Iran going for Visa- Free regime for businessmen and tourists

Moscow, Russia: Russia and Iran are going for Visa- Free regime for businessmen and tourists.

In an interview with Russian news agency RIA Novosti given by Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaei, he said both countries will start Visa-free regime by 2015. However he did not specific the date when Visa-free regime will be enacted.

He said that decision was taken in Foreign Ministers meeting last year.

“It’s difficult for our businessmen to get long-term visa to Russia but we are happy that in 2014 our ministers of Foreign Affairs agreed on the easing of the visa regime, especially for businessmen and tourists,” said the Iran Ambassador to Russia. He added that the signing of a memorandum of understanding is one of the first steps in moving toward a visa-free regime between the two countries.

It may be mentioned that Russia and Iran signed a major transport cooperation deal in 2011 by agreeing to develop cooperation in road, air, rail and marine transport and both countries are coming closer after Russia is virtually isolated by American sanctions due to Russian alleged involvement in civil war in eastern parts of Ukraine.

Tourism experts believe that both countries are under international sanctions and weak currencies so it will be an opportunities for both to travel to each other without using international currencies like USD dollar.

“Yes tourism and travel can increase between the two countries manifolds provided both countries are ready to encourage and accept each other’s currencies as both people are both countries are not in position to buy expensive international currencies like US dollar or Euro.

Since both countries are oil producing countries so they can also reduce travel fare between them or can announce some special packages to Tehran and Moscow flights”, believe tourism experts.

It may be mentioned that Russia and Iran are partners in establishing the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), aimed at reducing travel time and boosting trade among the countries. The so-called Russian-Indian Corridor is expected to run from Mumbai to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas and continue to the Russian city of Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea. However this Corridor is still on papers since September 2000 and nothing concrete has been do so far as Pakistan falls between India and Iran and it is not a part of this Corridor and known as US ally.


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