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Winters are around the corner and we are all ready to take out our warm cosy woollen sweaters. But, are you afraid of the lint that keeps on increasing and making your outfit dull. This is when you do not need to throw away your old clothes. But, you can use eco-friendly reusable lint removers.

Apart from winters, the eco-friendly lint remover is also a helpful gadget for the pet lover. No doubt, we all love pets. But, it biomes hectic when you see their fur all-around your couch, bedspreads, or clothes. We cannot throw away our pets so we have to bear with them with all their hair. So use sustainable lint rollers to keep your clothes clean. 


Eco-friendly lint remover

Eco-Friendly lint rollers are a great way because they are reusable and exceed the lifetime of your clothes. So, they eventually contribute to less wastage on earth. Here are some types of best reusable lint rollers that you can choose from according to your choice.

Wood Lint Brush

reusable lint removers

This is one of the reusable lint rollers that you can use again and again. These are simple to use and eco friendly. This is a zero-waste lint roller because this is not a kind of disposable roller. Wild Minimalist is one of the brands where you can buy a wood lint roller. The following are its features:  

  • Wood handle
  • Joined with copper wires
  • Natural rubber stripes
  • Made in Germany

Chom Chom Roller

Reusable Lint Rollers

Chom Roller is one of the best reusable lint rollers according to the manufacturers. It also has great reviews on Amazon. The features include:

  • This roller is reusable over a long period.
  • No batteries or charging is required
  • Easy to use: All you need to do is roll it on the surface and all the hair, lint and fur will go away.
  • You can use it to clean clothes, carpets, couches, bedsheets and other things.

But one thing that is concerning about this reusable lint roller is that it can be a little hard to use as the cloth has to be stretched to easily roll it back and forth. To avoid difficulty, you can clean your clothes while you are wearing them. 

Gleaner Ultimate Fuzz Remover Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

eco friendly lint remover

This Gleener Lint remover can work wonders because it has dual processing. This device can work as a fabric shaver and lint remover. There are several features of this eco-friendly lint remover like:

  • This device has interchangeable edges that you can switch anytime according to the use. 
  • These are best for sweaters, coats, sofas, and all types of fabric. 
  • This sustainable lint roller has no blades or motors that can damage the fabric.
  • There is also a brush inside the roller that can easily remove hair or fur from the fabric.
  • It requires no battery or electricity to work.
  • The size is small and compact that is easy to take anywhere you want. So, if you are going on a vacation or travelling with your pet, you can always have clean and lint-free clothes with this reusable lint remover.

Sticky Lint Roller

eco friendly lint remover

This is one of the eco-friendly Reusable Lint Rollers that causes no wastage. It is reusable without the usage of any batteries. This is an adhesive type of roller that can adhere lint or fur to its surface and leave the place clean. It is better than other kinds of rollers. The features include:

  • The sticky lint roller is washable.
  • The roller and handle are detachable. So, you can separate them anytime to wash them easily.
  • After washing, you can reuse it. The life span of a sticky lint roller is up to many years.
  • Sticky Lint Roller can work on all types of fabrics. So, say goodbye to fur or lint from your clothes, couch, bed, carpets, and anywhere else.
  • Along with fabric, this adhesive roller is also used to clean floors, furniture, and vehicle interiors. 

So it is not wrong to say that this is an all-rounder. Easy to use, easy to clean, and clean all things. All you need to do is detach, wash, dry and reuse it again for as long as you want.  But, you have to keep in mind that you always keep the roller in its lid when not in use because the dirt can adhere to the surface of reusable lint remover.

Portable Lint Remover

Eco friendly lint remover

A very handy and useful piece of equipment to remove lint is a portable and eco-friendly lint removable. This is a simplistic type of roller with a wooden handle. There is a copper or a metallic head that is used to take off any type of pet hair or crumbs from your clothes and furniture. The features include:

  • It does not leave adhesive residue on the surface. Hence it is easy to clean with.
  • Accessible to clean clothes, furniture, carpets, car’s interior, and much more.
  • The head is removable so you can replace or clean it easily. 
  • Free of battery and electricity.
  • Easily-portable 

All of these Reusable Lint Rollers are some of the top liked eco-friendly lint rollers all over the world. So, pet lovers, love your pets as much as you want without worrying about their fur sticking around everywhere. 


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