Return of ‘do more’ mantra: PTI rebukes govt for silence over US envoy’s assertion

PoliticsReturn of ‘do more’ mantra: PTI rebukes govt for silence over US...
  • Why PTI de-seated through conspiracy when economy booming, questions Shireen Mazari
  • Imported govt reversed PTI hard-gained achievements within three months: Asad

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lashed out at the government for their silence in the face of the veiled threat to Pakistan, as the US designated envoy to Pakistan Donald Blome stated that the US expected from Islamabad sustained and indiscriminate action against all militant and terrorist groups.

Addressing a joint press conference along with PTI Central Secretary General Asad Umar, PTI Central Senior Vice President Dr. Shireen Mazari said that the “do more” mantra returned after the US regime change conspiracy.


She said that the US ambassador categorically stated in his interview that the agenda regarding terrorism would be decided by the United States.

Shireen Mazari claimed that the government did not have the courage to say anything against the US because they were imposed on the country through the US-backed conspiracy.

Talking about Bilawal Bhutto Zardari meeting with Donald Blome, she raised question as how can a designated envoy formally “call on” the Foreign Minister when that envoy has not presented his credentials to the President?
Does Blome feel normal diplomatic norms don’t apply to him since the imported FM is there because of US regime change conspiracy?, she asked.


However, she said that when the US ambassador was asked about the bases in the interview, he avoided answering the query.
She said that an economic survey revealed that Pakistan’s economy was booming under PTI and stability was coming in Pakistan, then why conspiracy was hatched to oust the elected well-performing PTI government?

She claimed that the conspirators wanted to destroy Pakistan’s peace, economy and morals.
Shireen Mazari said that the country was ruled by a gang of criminals who were hell-bent to destroy everything on orders from someone else.

Coming down hard on the imported government, she said that they (rulers) had no respect in the world, which was evident from their visits to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, where they got no satisfactory answer because the whole world knew the reality that they were imposed on the people through conspiracy and did not enjoy public support.


She said that Imran Khan was respected worldwide that was the reason Shah Mehmood Qureshi was invited by his Chinese and Turk counterparts themselves.

“During our tenure, Pakistan’s relations with China, Turkey, Central Asian countries, Russia were enhanced and OIC Foreign Ministers Summit was held twice,” she said.

Speaking on the occasion, Asad Umar said that economic survey published by imported government testified that Pakistan’s economy was growing in our time.

He stated that for the first time in history, the economy grew at a rate of more than 5% for more than two years, as big industries grew by more than 10%, crops in agriculture set big records, besides increasing exports.

Asad Umar said that when the PTI government came, the foreign exchange reserves were $ 9.7 billion, we worked hard to increase it to $16 billion. He said that the tabling of a no-confidence motion created a crisis of confidence in the country that caused economic uncertainty.

Asad Umar shocked as the imported government reversed all the PTI hard-gained achievements within three months and nose-dived the well-flourishing economy of the country.

He said that the incompetent government did not the ability to steer the country out of the quagmire they plunged in during a short span of time, adding that they had just sole solution to fix the crippling economy to open a floodgate of inflation.

Asad Umar warned that increasing cement price would impact over 30 industries and daily wage earners would lose their livelihood.

He noted that investors and foreign institutions did not have confidence in this government; hence decision makers need to give serious consideration to it before the situation warranted immediate attention.

Asad said that the PML-N’s worst performance served their interests but since it’s an issue of national interest; hence they wanted solution to the problems because they cannot leave Pakistan at the mercy of these incompetent rulers for long.

Therefore, he suggested that the solution to all the problems of the country lied only in immediate elections.

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