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With the depleting sources of energy all over the world, it is difficult for the energy providing companies to comply with the demands of the population. The demands of people have increased whether it is on the residential level or commercial level. This is so because of the increased use of machines and technology where electricity is the main component. While there is an increase in the use of electricity, the resources are getting scarce. At this time, solar energy has turned out to be a lifesaver. In Pakistan, Reon Energy Limited solar panels are one of the best solar panel companies in Pakistan that are providing solar energy solutions on a large scale.

About Reon Energy Limited

Reon Energy Limited is one of the leading solar panel companies in Pakistan that provide technical energy solutions. It is a part of Dawood Hercules Corporation that has worked with national and multinational companies. Moreover, they aim to provide sustainable energy sources for the citizens of Pakistan on an extensive level to cope with the problems of excessive load shedding and pressure on the electricity suppliers. In addition to that, Reon Energy Supplies provide customised financial consultations for on-grid and off-grid localities with its solar panels. Briefly, they are doing their best to secure and maintain the sustainable energy sources of Pakistan along with environmental protection while sustaining environmentally responsible business strategies.


Reon Energy Limited

Additionally, Reon Energy Limited has done a lot of successful projects in Pakistan. So, their partnership with different companies are as follows:

  • Hub Power Company Limited
  • Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company
  • Tenaga Generasi Limited
  • Laraib Energy Limited
  • Wah Chemical Limited
  • Unilever Pakistan’s Tea factory
  • Asia Petroleum Limited
  • NGO’s Hospital in Surjani Town
  • Telecom Station in Kalar Kahar

3Ds Policy

Reon Energy Limited

They believe in 3Ds: Decentralization, Decarbonization and Digitization. By decentralization, their purpose is to minimize the burden of the few energy providing institutions in the country. This distributed energy system ensures that there is a spontaneous flow of energy all over the country without one centralized unit. Decarbonization is a healthy impact on the environment by having a positive impact where non-carbonized electricity is produced. According to this method, it increases the health and lifespan of people. Also, Digitization allows the customers to have a real-time monitoring capability to monitor energy usage. This policy of the company has made them an environmentally responsible and successful solar panel company in Pakistan.

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