Renowned DJ AKS remixes Komal Rizvi’s hit Kalli Kalli

Kalli Kalli DJ AKS Remix

KARACHI: It has only been a little over a month since South Asian singer Komal Rizvi officially launched her new single “Kalli Kalli” with a bang at Port Grande in Karachi, Pakistan. The video and audio combined have already received 3000 + likes and quite a few shares on Facebook. Now, this soft melody which has captured the hearts of thousands of fans, has been picked up and remixed by renowned international DJ AKS.

Dubai based DJ, remixer and producer, DJ AKS is known for his unique mixes. He opted to remix Komal Rizvi’s Kalli Kalli describing it as a “wonderful and whimsical musical piece.” Komal thanked him via her official facebook page saying, “Thank you DJ for rocking the world of Kalli Kalli!”

Having only recently released his head bopping version on SoundCloud about 5 days ago, DJ AKS’ remix version of Kalli Kalli has already been highly re-posted and heard 2000 + times – the numbers continue escalating every day. If the hits on DK AKS’ other mixes are any indicator, this is only the beginning for the success of Komal’s remixed Kalli Kalli.

To listen to or download the DJ AKS rendition of the song, the lyrics for which call out to the human race to come back, be grateful and have respect for our most basic gifts from the Almighty, visit and share your thoughts.