Record number of students leave state-run schools in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: The Rawalpindi Education Department has failed to increase enrollment of students in government schools, and even a record number of students have begun to leave state-run educational institutions.

As per Daily Express, 950 government primary, middle and high schools in Rawalpindi district witnessed the lower students’ enrollment this year while the number of school-leaving students registered a record increase.

Even in three schools including Girls Model School Pindora and Boys Primary School Roza, all students left. In Girls Model School Pindora, 247 girls students were studying but now they all have left whereas all 42 students of Roza Primary School also left the educational institution.

The proportion of leaving students in each government school remained 5% to 100%.

Interestingly like the previous year, not a single new student was enrolled in any of government schools in 2017 as well but each year, the number of students kept on decreasing.

According to leaders of Punjab Teachers Union Rana Liaquat and Shafiq Bhalwalia, constant changes in education policies are the main reason behind such situation.

The government schools are facing acute shortage of furniture, laboratories, computers, teachers, clean drinking water, washrooms and class rooms while likewise, gas remains extinct throughout winter and whole summer goes through without electricity and fans.

Meanwhile, now third phase is being launched with a purpose to increase enrollment of students in government schools.