Reason behind severe cold in Karachi, flood in Dubai and heat in US in January

By Matthias Samuel


The year 2020 began with some parts of the United States experiencing a record heat in January while hot cities like Lahore and Delhi are in the grip of a historic cold. On the other hand, the intensity of the changing seasons did not even touch the Middle East where dry areas were affected by heavy rains. The people are happy that in the pretext of this excuse, Karachiites will also enjoy eating dried fruits, while on the other hand some people are getting so cold that they want the Sindh government to give holidays to schools and colleges, some people were seen with blankets while driving motorbikes.

The most surprising thing to see was the heavy rain fall in Dubai, in the month of January who would have thought that a desert city like Dubai would have so much rain in January that it would flood? Social media was flooded with videos and images of floods, so some people also asked if there was any sewage system in a city like Dubai. The situation became so severe that everything from hospitals to the airport had to be closed. However, where the Karachiites are shaking in the cold, Dubai is stuck in the rains, Americans seem to complain of unbearable heat.

The question that remains is that is the climate change responsible for all of this. According to WMO (World Meteorological Organization), “We need to be a little cautious and not look at everything from a climate change perspective”. WMO also states that, During El Nino and La Nina our climate changes naturally (both of which are not happening anymore).

El Nino and La Nina are complex climatic patterns that are caused by temperature differences in the Pacific, and their effects are widespread around the world. El Nino is sometimes referred to as the hot stage of natural phenomena, while ‘La Nina’ is called the cold phase. Another phenomenon called ‘Indian Ocean Drupal’ caused extreme weather last year. Due to which, it was observed from floods in East Africa to very dry weather in Australia, but it is also true that climate change is leading us to very severe seasons. Especially the heat wave, the extremely hot days – And unseasonably heavy rains.

You can find more on EL Nino and La Nina from the following link https://public.wmo.int/en/our-mandate/climate/el-ni%C3%B1ola-ni%C3%B1a-update.

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