Ready to step aside if it’s beneficial for Pakistan: Imran Khan

PoliticsReady to step aside if it’s beneficial for Pakistan: Imran Khan
  • Says SC judges last hope to save democracy, as Pakistan fast drowning
  • Tells supporters better to die than accept slavery
  • Says PTI’s leaders, workers being subjected to worst ever coercions, oppressions

LAHORE, Pakistan: The Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan announced that he would give another chance to dialogue and constitute a committee today (Thursday) for talks with those who have power in the Country to guide Pakistan out of the prevailing crisis.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday, the PTI Chairman said that he would step back from his position if people in power can convince his party that it would be beneficial for Pakistan.


“I am making this committee and I say two things: If they tell the committee that they have a solution and the Country can function better without me. Or they tell the committee what benefit Pakistan will gain from holding elections in October,” he asked.

“Convince us on these two things. I am forming a committee and I will announce this today (Thursday),” he added.

However, he made it clear that there was no roadmap and Pakistan was drowning, as people were selling their dollars and the government was spending all the taxpayers’ money in paying interests. He said that those trying to knock him out were destroying the Country.

Talking about state barbarism against PTI, Imran Khan said that the cruelty they were being subjected today had been inflicted on the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir for the last 30 years.

“They have benefitted from the arson at the Lahore Corps Commander’s house and used it to crackdown on the PTI, a crackdown which was never seen in the history of the country,” he said.

However, he reiterated his demand to carry out an independent investigation of May 9 incidents and added that whenever the investigation will be held faces of the real culprits will be unveiled.

The Chairman said that they had jailed the entire leadership and even those who were not even a part of the party “There is only one way out, that they utter the magic words of ‘I am leaving PTI’, which is nothing but to make our Country a joke.

Imran Khan said they have gone so low that the PTI leaders have complained that they have been threatened that they would pick their children if they did not disassociate themselves with the PTI.

“And as soon as you announce parting ways with the PTI everything becomes normal but it will not harm the party but democracy in the Country,” he said.

Imran Khan said that this oppression would not eliminate PTI but would in fact increase its popularity. “I can say this with confidence that whenever I distribute the PTI tickets and whoever I give them to, they will win,” he said.

The Chairman PTI went on to say said that the minds behind the crackdown on PTI need to get their heads checked. “All that is happening today, who is behind it and why is it happening,” he asked. “Is it benefitting Pakistan or bringing a change in the country or will people leaving the party to eliminate PTI. Whoever thinks so needs to get their heads checked,” he added.

Imran stressed that this way an idea or vision could not be eliminated, saying that there was a difference between animals and humans.

The Chairman PTI stated that it had happened first time in the history of Pakistan that the ruling parties having support of establishment, the election commission, the agencies and the interim governments but they are still running away from the election because their vote bank has been reduced alarmingly and cannot dare to face PTI in the electoral battle, adding that a political party ended when its vote bank ends.

The PTI leader said that the internet connection of his Zaman Park residence has been shut down.

“I hope this talk will reach you,” he hoped, claiming that the sole purpose of the internet clamp down was to control the media.

About Supreme Court, Imran Khan said that the Supreme Court is Pakistan’s last hope and called on the apex court judges to save the Country’s democracy, which was being dismantled in the Country.

“SC judges, the nation is looking at you and your unity is very important for the public. It is up to you now to save this Country and take a stand for it because Pakistan is becoming a banana republic,” he added.

Imran Khan said that the Constitution of Pakistan has been breached after May 14. “There is a rule of jungle in Pakistan. Now it is the responsibility of the judges of the top court to get united to protect democracy otherwise the history will never forgive you,” he underscored.

Imran Khan said that it is better to die than accept slavery. “This slavery that they making us do, the way they are gripping necks and forcing them to leave PTI. You were not born for this, when the nation bows its head in front of fear, those nations die.”

Imran told supporters that he would not lose hope and will stand till the last bowl. “I want to tell my nation that you should not accept defeat in any way.”

The Chairman PTI said though night is dark but you have to face this with courage and patience. “I am ready to face anything but will remain standing till the last balls. I know this darkness cannot stay long. I am not willing to surrender and accepting the same from my workers and supporter,” he said.

“Those people and human rights organisations among us who were the soldiers of democracy, do not they see that what is happening would only result in the PTI’s loss but also crushing democracy,” he asked.

“I salute the party leaders who are still standing by the party despite this intense pressure because I know what they are going through,” he added.

The Chairman PTI demanded the details of anchorperson Imran Riaz’s whereabouts and asked why was the latter not being presented in courts.

“Courts have repeatedly asked them to present him, but they are not. I fear they’ve tortured him so much that they would be scared of presenting him in court,” he feared.

“Where is our journalist community? This bad time will come upon you too,” Imran warned.

Talking about Dr. Shireen Mazari, the Chairman PTI said that Shireen Mazari’s departure from politics was not just a loss for the PTI but for the entire Country and its democracy, because she was an ideological woman.

“She was a patient of blood pressure, 72 years old, a widow, she was taken from one jail to the other in this heat. I am relieved that she resigned from the party to protect herself.

“But Pakistan’s politics is suffering in all this because Shireen was our top parliamentarian and cabinet minister who came well-read on everything. Even all her enemies know she is a patriot,” he said.

“There is propaganda in the media and one-sided narrative is being played. Our people are now scared of coming on the media, fearing that they will be caught and thrown into jails,” Imran Khan added.

“I have told my people to go in hiding. I am telling my workers and office-bearers that there is no need for you to come out. Don’t stay at your homes, hide,” Khan maintained.

The Chairman PTI asked: “Where are our human rights? Where are the people who raised their voices for the human right and democracy?” “Where are the people who raised their voices for press freedom and where is your conscience, as at present, over 10,000 of our workers are in jail,” he asked.

“And the situation is so difficult for them who were kept in small cages, deprived of good food and water and not allowed to meet their lawyers. “They are being treated as if they are foreign enemies of the Country but even then, prisoners of war to have rights,” he added.

Commenting on the Al-Qadir Trust Case being investigated by the anti-graft bureau, NAB, Khan said the National Accountability Bureau is claiming that I got benefit from this amount which was deposited in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) account.

“It was the federal cabinet’s decision to maintain the confidentiality of the transaction as agreement between a real estate tycoon and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) otherwise this amount could not come to Pakistan as we have to prove in the UK’s Court that this money is laundered from Pakistan. We were told that Pakistan had spent around US$ 100 million on account of lawyers and legal fees but could not bring back a single penny.

The Cabinet decided to bring back this amount in SCP account. Now, if the NAB believes something wrong has happened in this transaction it should contest the case in the UK Court and get this amount public treasury.”

Imran said Al-Qadir Trust has nothing to do with this transaction. The business tycoon sponsored this project and the government supported this because he is one of the biggest developers of Pakistan.

The PTI leader demanded an investigation to the killing of 25 innocent people and hundreds others wounded because they were also citizens of Pakistan. He said that if this investigation was not allowed today, tomorrow someone else would be the target of these bullets, as I have come to know about two of these workers that their legs have been amputated.

Imran Khan said otherwise, peaceful protest should not be allowed any longer in this Country.

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