RAW, CBI, IAF and BJP involve in scam worth 300,000 Crore Indian Rupees

IndiaRAW, CBI, IAF and BJP involve in scam worth 300,000 Crore Indian...

Monitoring Desk: A scam worth over three trillion Indian rupees has surfaced in India, allegedly involving the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Indian Air Force (IAF) and BJP.

Exposed at a press conference addressed by former Law Minister Kapil Sibal on behalf of the Indian National Congress in Delhi, 9 April 2019, the swindle uncovered through investigations including secretly filmed videos allegedly involves the printing of duplicate currency notes worth 300,000 crore Indian rupees outside India and inserted into the Indian banking system (1 crore = 10 million; 100 crores = 1,000 million = 1 billion; 1000 billion = 1 trillion).

However, the Indian mainstream media and even social media have virtually ignored the expose perhaps due to the complicated nature of the information. The Indian intelligence agencies’ involvement in getting the press conference blacked out is also a possibility, allege activists.

Indian National Congress unearthed this biggest ever scam through a press conference but Indian main stream media as well as local and even social media did not give due coverage to this press conference.


Moreover, former Law Minister Kapil Sibal apparently failed to explain facts in simple way, giving an opportunity to Indian intelligence agencies to manage black out of this press conference in Indian media.

Careful watching of videos and listening press conference indicates horrific facts about involvement of RAW with BJP leader Amit Shah and also involvement of Indian Air Force top leadership as component to this mega operation of printing Indian currency out of country and then transporting to India and entering it in banks and selling same to different clients with 30 to 40 percent of commission for exchange of new currency with old currency which was void by Modi government.

Indian media is reluctant to report this huge scam because it includes involvement of sensitive institutions of India including Indian Air Force, Indian Intelligence Agency RAW, CBI, Enforcement Directorate and BJP Chief Mr. Amit Shah.

Facts in brief:


A Special Unit created under Prime Minister Office (PMO) comprising of 26 operatives recruited from various departments including the RAW were posted in various Reserve Bank of India offices (RBI) around India and headed by Amit Shah to oversee and co-ordinate the 3 lakh crore fake currency which was printed abroad and brought to India in Air Force Transport planes at Hindon Air Force base.

There are video tapes showing a person by the name of Rahul Shrirang Retharekar, who works with Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) field operative – from the Special Unit of 26 (22 men and 4 women).

Different video tapes indicate how huge duplicate notes came to banks and exchange with demonetized after deadline for exchange of currency was expired.

Video tapes also explain that BJP leaders, RAW officials and Indian Air Force people exchange demonetized currency with new duplicate currency after getting 40 percent commission or in simple way get 100 rupees notes of demonetized currency and gave 60 rupees new notes to clients and rest 40 rupees notes they get as deal and then get new currency of these demonetized 40 rupees

The most of interesting video is of and RAW official who explained how RAW, BJP, IAF, State Bank of India and PMO joined hands through 26 federal departments execute money exchange operation.

Another video exposed how banks were taking demonetized currency and providing duplicate currency printed outside India.

Another video explains how Reliance Jio database was misused again to show repetitive currency exchange transactions in RBI and video confirms that the new currency with Urjit Patel signatures was actually printed about six months earlier than November. Facts indicate that RAW and BJP started exchanging the currency of selected politicians and big business houses beforehand official date of exchange of currency.

Watch Press Conference hereunder:

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