Range Rover 2022 Specs, Price, and Everything Else


Range Rover 2022 specs

Where are the people who are interested in cars? If you are one of them, be happy because we have good news for you. The 4th generation of Land Rover came back in 2012, so there had to be an alternative. The brand new 5th generation of Land Rover‘s flagship Range Rover 2022 entered the world stage today. Let’s talk about the Range Rover 2022 specs and features. 

Range Rover 2022

Exterior Design

Range Rover 2022 specs

The brand has a specific design philosophy and with the evolution of the 4th generation as far as the boxy outline. At the height of the front, you can’t tell the difference from the previous generation, although there are new headlights and grills. Besides, you will see a horizontal air intake at the bottom with a rectangular boxy front. 

At the back, to be particular, are a radical perspective and straight tail lights. On the side profile, nothing newer than the previous generation, but now there are flush pop outdoor handles. 

The new product may not look very distinct externally, but it stands on the brand new MLA modular aluminium platform, which will result in curb weight loss, improved performance, and overall driving dynamics. 

The 5th-generation will be available in both short and long wheelbases. Compared to the previous generation, the standard model is about 2 inches long while the wheelbase is extended to 3 inches. The long-wheelbase is about 8 inches longer than the standard model. 

Interior Design

Range Rover 2022 Specs

As for the interior, it’s all new and nothing like the model that replaces it. The new generation is now available with 4, 5, or 7 seats. 7 seats are available as the third row on the long wheelbase. In addition, a 4 wheel configuration is available on a long wheelbase.  There is a new dashboard with a 13.7% instrumental panel and a 13.1% floating infotainment system. 11.4 full HD screens are also available for second-row passengers. A 1600 watt 35 speaker Meridian premium audio system is also available. The system also has 2 speakers in each headrest for a theatrical experience. 


There are various transmission options in this vehicle. You can run this car on petrol, diesel, plugin, hybrid, and fully electric. These engine options vary according to different markets, wheelbase, and trim levels.  

P400 model is coming up with 3L inline 6 with 48V Mild Hybrid Setup. It will produce 395HP and 550 Nm of Torque. You can accelerate the speed from 0-100 in 5.8 seconds. In P530, there is a BMW engine of 4.4LTwin Turbo V8. It can produce 523Hp and 750 Nm of Torque. There is 8-speed automatic transmission. The car can move from 0-100 in 4.6 seconds. 

For diesel, you can choose from two options. There is a 3L 6 cylinder engine in both variants. D300 makes 296HP and 650 Nm of Torque that can move from 0-100 in 6.9 seconds. While the D350 can make 345Hp and 700 Nm of torque and touch 100 in 6.1 seconds. 

In the electric transmission, you will get a P440e that has a combined output of 434 Hp. Another variant is the P510e that can reach up to 503 Hp. Both variants have a 38.2 kWh battery that can charge the vehicle fully electrically. The fully charged vehicle can move up to 100 kilometres. 


US price for the Range Rover 2022 starts at $104,400 for the base model P400. Meanwhile, the top P530 first edition can reach $163,500. 

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