Ramzan with Ufone!

Most of us know about the heroes in Pakistan, like Abdul Sattar Edhi and Ramzan Chiipa but there are plenty who go unnoticed. Same is the case with Parveen Saeed, Sharmine Aziz and the group Wadaan. These individuals have been working for a better Pakistan and are now helped by Ufone.deewar-mehrbani-peshawar(1)


Unlike most of its’s competitiors, Ufone has chosen to help these initiatives from the budget that would otherwise be allocated towards endorsements and service marketing. This is a great initiative by Ufone that will be remembered by many. We see celebrities and huge sponsorships from telecommunication marketing but this, from Ufone, is a first.khana-ghar(1)


About the programs that Ufone is helping, one is Khana Ghar by Parveen saaed that allows the needy to have a meal in Rs 3. The meal comes with a price as to keep the self esteem of the needy intact. Sharmine Aziz, on the other hand has been providing poor kids with boxes filled with things they might need or want otherwise. These boxes go out especially in Ramzan and on Eid. Thirdly, there is a group called Wadaan in Peshawar that has set up a wall of kindness, Deewar-e-Mehrbani for anyone in need to take help from.ufone-csr-project

These campaigns work towards a positive and better society for Pakistan and Pakistanis. The individuals handling them are doing their part and you can too join them and help them out just like Ufone has.
To see a well-known brand support such campaigns not only acts as an inspiration to many who might want to contribute, but also as a means of this contribution. All praise for the individuals handling these campaigns and Ufone for providing a medium to these campaigns.

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