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By Sana

The Baker’s Kitchenette is run by Sana, an ardent cake designer with a creative mindset who has spent the past two years honing her cake decorating techniques. She takes online classes of baking also.

Covid-19 has changed the whole world, so the celebrations and social interaction. The month of Ramzan— fasting is popular for socializing in Pakistan at Iftar (breaking time of fast) or even Sahr (when fasting time starts) but everything is changed. This situation has a positive impact on online shopping and “ORDER CAKE ONLINE” is a trend in big cities of Pakistan. If you live in Lahore “The Baker’s Kitchenette” is an excellent option for you. You can find an item of your choice to click this link on Instagram before placing orders.

The Baker’s Kitchenette offers a unique approach to your cakes that not only looks good but tastes good too. With our talent and expertise, we will share creative ideas to help make your cake, and your day, EXTRAORDINARY.

Cakes, bakery, cupcakes, and fondant art are becoming popular searches before Iftar time.

Have you ever thought about why do buyers prefer online cake shops and why is it a good idea, particularly in Ramzan?  Here are the mentioned top five reasons that make a significant difference.


The trend of customized goods and services in almost every industry has been growing, allowing customers to have personalized products. Customization is to make products according to personal specifications resulting in more customer engagement, joy, and a better experience. Moreover, the presence of online businesses has been increased as well which made it easier to make custom products at a low cost.

The latest trend for almost every occasion is a customized cake be it a birthday cake, wedding cake, Halloween cake, or Christmas cake. Everybody wants a THEME CAKE! Designer cakes are in trend as well because of their individualized and irresistible charm. Well, online cake shops have offered this blessing by adopting a make-to-order strategy that allows customers to have customized products.

People now can build their own cake for any occasion by choosing their preferred type of cake, a combination of flavors and design. Isn’t this sound cool? Hell yeah!

Doorstep Delivery

Online businesses have allowed customers to get their products delivered to their homes. Home delivery service has made it easier and people now can order and get their cakes delivered to them at any time or at any location. Moreover, they could also deliver them to their loved ones on different occasions without having to visit them.

Increased Shelf Life

As mentioned earlier, cakes are made upon request that is why they have longer shelf life, unlike traditional bakery where cakes are displayed behind the counter. They offer readymade cakes available to buy which should be consumed within a day or two because we don’t know when they were baked right?


Unlike local bakery, online services provide a unique approach to every cake they offer. They have a variety of cake flavours, combinations, and designs to make the customer experience more personalized. Every online bakery has its own distinctive style to bake, assemble & decorate cakes. Thus, there are hundreds of options to consider before choosing your right centerpiece. What are you waiting for?


Last but not least, online cake services offer value in terms of time, quality ingredients, packaging, expertise, and creativity. They put a lot of effort and take personal care to each detail of every cake they make. In short, online services ensure that their customers are getting higher value in return for the money they paid.

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