Ramadan: Terrorist funding, Zakat and Sadqa-i-Fitr

Ramadan: Terrorist funding, Zakat and Sadqa-i-Fitr


Iftikhar Hussain Jazib

Muslims prefer to pay obligatory alms (zakat) in the Holy month of Ramadan and make charity in abundance because its reward is increased by Allah 70 times. The payment of Sadqa-i-Fitr is also an obligatory act to the end of Ramadan to help poor masses, beggars, needy orphans and widows. These charities and donations are also spent on mosques, medressahs and preaching of Islam. But unfortunately, terrorist and religious extremist outfits are depriving rightful beneficiaries of these alms under various disguises.

Militant organizations are gathering alms and donations under various pretexts, including Madaris and Jihad, which spent on suicide bombings and other terrorist activities. Therefore, many Ulema have issued fatwas that it is not permissible to give alms and donations to these anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan organizations.

Disrupting terrorists’ financing networks is essential to combat terrorism as without effective check on terrorist financing, fight against terrorism may not produce desired results. Though Government has taken number of steps to curb flow of terrorists’ funds, yet it requires extensive media campaign to create awareness in general public regarding terrorists fund raising system. The real faces of terrorists must also be unveiled to deny their monetary support and curtail their fundraising networks by creating awareness amongst general public regarding tactics of terrorists to raise funds.

As the holy month of Ramadan is approaching, general public must ensure that their alms and charity do not aid those people, who are involved in murderous rampage in the country. This will make them equally responsible of terrorists’ sins and crimes. Those Mosques, Madaris and charity organizations should not be given Zakat, Sadqa-i-Fitr and other donations, who have any association with Al-Qaeda, TTP affiliated sectarian / Jihadi organizations.

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