Rainy weather increases fish demand


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: With the recent spell of rain, the demand of fried fish has increased in the twin Cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad manifold.

People can be seen thronging fried fish outlets in various markets of the twin Cities including Chota Bazaar, Committee Chowk, Commercial Market, Sadiq Abad and Aabpara, Super Market, Jinnah Super Market, Karachi Company as well as different restaurants.

“Our sales have witnessed an unprecedented surge during the last couple of days,” Omar Nasir, who runs a fried fish stall in G-11 Markaz told the state-run news agency.

“Though people increase eating fish at the outset of cold weather, its demands multiplies during rains,” he added.

Talking about the types of fish preferred by the customers, Omer said that Pomfret and Mushka fish were quite popular. Explaining the reason behind their popularity over other fish, he said that people do not like fish with small, sharp bones which can get stuck in gums.

But there are others, who prefer sharp bones fish such as ‘Rahu’ due to its great taste, he added.

Meanwhile, according to consumers, increase in the chill has also enhanced prices of different verities of fish. “I keep on visiting different fried fish stalls in the twin cities. Though at some outlets prices are fixed, there are several who have increased the prices since the start of cold,” Akhtar, a consumer told this news agency at a stall in Rawalpindi’s Committee Chowk.

But the owners of fried fish outlets say that it is a general principle that when the demand of a product increases its price also goes up. “We are compelled to increase the price as now we ourselves are purchasing the raw fish at exorbitant rates,” an owner of fried fish outlet said.

Another shopkeeper Inaam Ullah at G-9 Markaz said retailer charged for Simon white Rs1200 per Kg, Dehyma Rs700, Masher Rs400 and Rahu Rs350.

But there are those for whom price is not a worry as there is nothing like enjoying fish and rainy weather together. A buyer, Muhammad Khizar Hayat says he always wait for rain so that he can enjoy winter cuisine with his family and friends.

Medical specialist, Dr Faisal Iftikhar said that fish was a great source of protein, vitamins and nutrients that can lower blood pressure and help reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. “It can be a cure for many diseases,” he added.

“People suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes should use white meat as part of their treatment,” he said adding that fish was generally considered to be among the best foods one could eat for a healthy heart.

To meet omega-3 requirements, eating fatty fish at least once or twice a week is recommended,” the health expert added.

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