Rabbani for policy changes to meet nationalism challenges

Rabbani for policy changes to meet nationalism challenges post-Brexit, Trump election

ISLAMABAD, Nov 12: Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani Saturday said that Pakistan must formulate its policy to successfully meet the challenges of narrow nationalism in the post scenario of Brexit in the United Kingodon and election of Donald Trump as the American president.

Addressing to a press statement, he was talking at the scholarship awarding ceremony of Iqra University. Chairman Senate said now there was a changed world before them heading towards a new dimension that would directly impact this region which could not be ignored.

Pursuing this narrow nationalism, he said the developed states were looking inward that could cast economic impact on the developing nations and Pakistan should also devise its policy keeping these fact in view.

He called for revamping the bogus education system to meet the moden day educational needs and new challenges. Academic feedom was essential to promote different schools of thought, he said adding that inculcation of modernity and broad thinking was also necessary for an independent state.

Recalling the opposition to devolution of education subject to province under 18th amendment from some circles, Rabbani said the subject had been devolved and it was up to the provincial higher education commissions to execute the recommendations of the Implementation Commission.

He viewed that the federation should not interfere in the education sector keepin in view the constitutional bindings.

The chairman Senate said there would be no harm if the provinces formulate their own curriculum, adding the feedration wanted to produce a typical mindset that could fulfill the needs of the ruling elite. He also censured the distortion of history in the current education curriculum.

Criticising the approach of the US President-elect Donald Trump, he said his policies would have an impact on both the education and economic sectors.

He said it was a matter of past when the curriculum used to be formulated from Islamabad as representation of whole culture from Islamabad was impossible.

Rabbani said some people never wanted the autonomy of educational institutions.

He said the people of Pakistan had strived a lot for democratic institutions and constitution and valdation of one?s patriotism was a mattter of bygone era.

He said it was never admitted that Pakistan was a multilingual society rather this fact had been confined to just a paragraph.