Qasim Suri indicates he did not read controversial Demarche before passing ruling against Vote of No-Confidence

Islamabad, Pakistan: Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Qasim Suri has confirmed that read the controversial Demarche when Speaker Asad Qasar resigned. However, he claimed he had read the document when he trashed the Vote of No-Confidence in the National Assembly —at least two days before Asad Qasar resigned.


In a talk show with Arshad Sharif, said:

When Speaker of National Assembly Asad Qaisar tendered resignation then Demarche was handed to him (Suri) and he read it and he was flabbergasted that his country was threatened therefore he reacted sharply.

It may be mentioned that Qasim Suri earlier said that he read controversial Demarche and he was flabbergasted that his country was threatened therefore he passed a ruling to trash the Vote of No-Confidence.

His latest statement had made the situation more complex about controversial Demarche because former Prime Minister Imran Khan first, said that the US wrote a threat letter to him. Then he changed his stance and said that US authorities wrote a letter to the Pakistani Ambassador in Washington. Then he changed his stance again and said that the Pakistani Ambassador wrote a letter to him indicating a threatening conversation with US authorities. Then he again changed the stance and said it was a Démarche sent by the Pakistani Ambassador to Foreign Secretary in Islamabad. His statements were look just like a bundle of lies. Qasim Suri statement from 3.15-time code to ahead is worth listening.

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