Qasim Ali Shah joined PTI to contest in next elections?

PakistanQasim Ali Shah joined PTI to contest in next elections?

Famous Pakistani academic and corporate trainer Qasim Ali Shah amassed a substantial online following, and the corporate trainer decided to step into central-stream politics.


Qasim Ali Shah to run for MNA?


It is broadly famous who don’t like glamour, and so is the case with public figures from all walks of life who entered politics for glamour, power, or even to contribute their best for the nation.

Lately, the 42-year-old, best known for his motivational speeches on video streaming sites, has expressed his desire to participate in the upcoming elections, and that’s with his interaction with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan, who is recovering after the apparent assassination.

Qasim Ali Shah Visited Imran Khan

Shah visited the PTI chief’s Zaman Park residence to interview the populist leader. He shared clips from his meeting with the former prime minister, which are doing rounds on the internet as he exchanged views with the PTI chief about his future in politics.


In one of his clips, he pleaded his intentions to participate in the next polls from his native locality of Gulshan Ravi, where he spent four decades of his life.

PTI chief, in his interaction with a known educationist and author – known for his humanitarian work – agreed to give a ticket to the latter during the elections. Khan mentioned his resource hunt for people to lead his campaign.

During his meeting, Shah also presented his book to the PTI chief and recorded several clips being shared on his YouTube account with clickbait titles.

A brief meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan

He also shocked many people as he shared moments from his next meeting with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. The two reportedly discussed the current political situation.


Previously, Qasim Shah went viral after his lewd pictures were leaked over the internet.

Following his rare meeting, his name appeared in the trending section on social sites, where people started sharing all kinds of reactions to his move. Some appreciated him,m while others trolled him.

Public reactions:


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